Opening of Yum Som. A Fresh Asian Cuisine Establishment.

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Yum Som was newly opened yesterday to much fanfare. And they gave out 200 free lunches on tuesday. Tasty Asian Inspired salads that are surprisingly filing. Not to worry if you missed it though, they’ll be given out 200 free breakfasts on the 6th of November 2015 starting at 7am. So if you want to start your day right. Start it with something yummy.


So i had a cold pressed Cocoa. It tasted really good and being cold pressed it retains all the nutrients. A must try.


This would be their Chicken-Soba Salad with an Asian inspired vinaigrette. Loved how fresh it was, it was really filling and made me feel really good for the whole day. It was indeed a nice perk me up for the day. Would love to head back to try their other dishes.


Leadenhall Court,

1-6 Leadenhall street, London,



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