Our take on the best cafes in Singapore – Forty Hands

So Forty Hands is finally opened on Mondays. So people what are you waiting for! Its time to chase your monday blues away with great coffee and fabulous food.

Finally found some time in my schedule to visit Forty Hands along Yong Siak Street. Its been a long time since i came here for coffee, and am pleasantly surprised that they have tried to accommodate more people in this place, though its still a little cramped, its much better than before, so well done guys.

Forty Hands coffee are sourced and roasted at Common Man Coffee Roasters, located at 22 martin road. Their coffee is very “Singaporean” in flavor. Its smooth, and rich taste would have you begging for more. At $5.50, I find it value for money. And its a great perk me up.


Also i decided to try their Truffle Crack and Cheese, which literally is mac and cheese with black squid ink brioche crumbs. Wow. This dish literally packs a punch. Pasta was cooked to Al-Dente, the right amount of cheese was used (So even after finishing it, you wouldn’t find it too heavy), and the great thing was they didn’t hold back on the truffle oil, which is a great plus for me. The whole dish really came together when you actually mix the squid ink crumbs together, you actually get a great texture when eating. Overall i would say that this dish would be something i would recommend.


3.75/5 Bakchors

All in all, Its definitely a pleasant experience. And its one i would come back again, if i could find the right time. Till next time.

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