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Singapore VS Japan

Singapore National Stadium
Singapore National Stadium

So today we see Singapore take on Japan in a crucial World cup qualifier, to keep our dreams alive to qualify for the 3rd round of the world cup in Russia2018.

Lets take a step back and just look at this marvel of a stadium. Opened in June 2014, it has indeed been one of the jewels of south-east asia. The pitch perfect, the atmosphere great. All we need now are the two teams to turn up on the field.


Its always with great emotions for me as we stood up for the national anthem, to see how far we have come as a nation. Unfortunately, Singapore football has taken a serious backlash. Lack of funding, effort and believe. We have got to stand together to make sure we get back to where we want to be.

As we all expected of how the match would turn out, either it was going to be another sterling defensive display from the lions, from which they showed at Saitama, or it was going to be Us to be put to the samurai sword right from the get go, and it was telling, Possession was in the 80-20 percentage to the blue samurai’s. And it took a few good saves from Izwan and defensive scrambles to keep the score at 0-0. But it didn’t take long for the scoreline to be broken, some neat passing in the box saw Kashima Antler’s forward Mu Kanazaki sweeping the ball into the top corner, no chance for izwan there.

the match was largely played in the singapore half.

And 5 minutes later, a defensive blunder saw Ac Milan’s forward Keisuke Honda finishing off a swift counter attack. and that literally killed off the game. Southampton’s Yoshida finished off the game when he swept in a loose ball in the box.

Final score 3-0. how did i think we fared. It wasn’t bad at all. But why can’t we play like this all the time? Rather than always wait for the big guns. Next up Syria, a MUST win game if we want to still dream of making it to the 3rd round of the world cup qualifiers.


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