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Review: Homecoming《家在这里》by The Finger Players

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The Finger Players starts off their 2018 with an all new community tour, bringing their newest puppetry work Homecoming to the less privileged! From 3rd – 11th March, the group will be touring the play across various hospices, orphanages, old folks home and other similar centres, all while promoting each centre’s causes and missions to inspired more volunteers and charity to help the less privileged.

In Homecoming, we’re introduced to the aptly named Moon Papa and Moon Baby. These alien beings live in a galaxy far from Earth, possessing literally moonheads and live a relatively happy life, with the planets quite literally aligning. One day, tragedy strikes in the form of a mysterious creature that wreaks havoc upon the galaxy, sending Moon Baby hurtling towards Earth. At the same time, a girl is being neglected by both her parents at home, with neither her father nor her mother really understanding or caring about her, each one literally chained to a luggage and iPad (representing her social media channels). When the girl meets Moon Baby, they embark on an epic adventure to bring Moon Baby home, learning about fun facts about space while battling the mysterious creature with a surprise superpower.


Starring Darren Guo, Liew Jiayi, Myra Loke and Zee Wong, and directed and written by Ang Hui Bin, Homecoming is an immensely fun play, displaying all of The Finger Players’ usual production highs, from well made puppets and costumes, to Darren Ng’s emotional soundtrack. Along the way, there’s plenty of humour as well, with Darren Guo playing the humorous ‘Simi’ (a play on Siri), a moody, all knowing robot creature that answers queries with an attitude (or not at all). At the end of the day, as Moon Baby and Moon Papa are reunited, the human girl also returns home for her own homecoming, reconciling with her worried parents as they unchain themselves from worldly affairs and focusing on the true treasure: the importance of family.


As The Finger Players begin their tour, feel free to register for a space to catch this simple yet moving story about family and society, fun for all the family, and with an important aim behind it. Equipped with a simple, portable set, the team is set to bring smiles to the community, and hopefully, enthrall and uplift the less privileged, celebrating the human spirit in all its wonders.

Homecoming tours from 3rd – 11th March 2018. Email with your name, contact number, date and time of show, and number of tickets you require. Dates and locations are as follows: 

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