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Month: April 2018

SIFA 2018: Jacob Collier (Review)

  The modern day music prodigy showcases a legion of voices and talent in spades in his Singapore debut.  Making a claim to fame via YouTube videos often receives a […]

Voilah! 2018: A-DROYX by Mathieu Briand

  If you ever feared the robot revolution, Melbourne-based French artist Mathieu Briand will assure you that it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, if at all. A self-professed […]

SIFA 2018: 0600 by Ground Z-0 (Preview)

Singaporean artist Zelda Tatiana Ng has set up an all new collective, and she’s breaking new ground this April with the premiere of their maiden production: 0600 at the Singapore International Festival […]

En Sakaba: Eat Like A King For 90 Minutes

There are days you crave Japanese food, and then there are days you crave premium Japanese food. And there’s probably no better place to find that than at En Sakaba restaurant. En […]

SIFA 2018: Jacob Collier (Preview)

At just 23 years old, Jacob Collier has already been hailed as a musical prodigy, not to mention, is already a two-time Grammy Award winner. The multi-instrumentalist makes his local […]