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Preview: Go Local Series! Recollecting Memories《影视歌曲忆当年》by Ding Yi Music Company

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This August, the musicians of Ding Yi go on a trip down memory lane with Recollecting Melodies 《影视歌曲忆当年》 a free outreach concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’s Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage!

With the newly launched Go Local! series, Ding Yi hopes to reach out to a wider audience and cultivate more appreciation for Chinese chamber music via accessible performances of familiar tunes in a community setting. In this one day only performance, Ding Yi revisits some of the most popular and familiar TV and movie tunes of yesteryear. Conducted by Assistant Conductor Wong De Li, Dedric, expect golden melodies and unforgettable themes in the repertoire ranging from Strive《奋斗》from “The Awakening” (雾锁南洋), Good Morning, Sir! 《早 安老师》from “Good Morning, Sir!” (早安老师) and Kopi-O 《情感联络站》 from “Coffee Shop”(咖啡乌).

Local movies aren’t left out either, with tunes such as Umbrella from “Twelve Lotus”(十二莲花) and theme song of “I Not Stupid” (小孩不笨). Ding Yi will also be inviting up and coming local singer/songwriter Ruth Kueo to sing alongside them, with popular songs such as Like a Swallow 《如燕》 and Accompany Me to See the Sunrise (陪我看日出) from local drama series “Perfect Woman” (完美女人).

This August, Ding Yi welcomes one and all to come down to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and spend a lush, relaxing evening reminiscing the good old days as they indulge in Singapore’s favourite local tunes.

Recollecting Memories《影视歌曲忆当年》plays at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’s Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on 19th August 2018, 6pm. Admission is free.


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