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Preview: Nam Hwa Blazes 《万紫千红》(July 2019) by Nam Hwa Opera

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Nam Hwa Opera’s quarterly outreach series Nam Hwa Blazes is back this July!With this programme, the Teochew Opera company treats members of the public to a day of classical works completely free. Doubling as a platform to showcase the company’s promising talents and to hone their skills since 2016, the upcoming edition of Nam Hwa Blazes will play at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, and feature two works – Filial An An《安安送米》and An Eventful Stay《程咬金宿店》.

In Filial An An, we follow the tale of a wife, San Niang (Lim Hui Kee, Sally), as she is repudiated by her husband after he is misled by rumours. Taking refuge in a nunnery, San Niang is visited by her son, An An (Goh Soo Wah Karen) but the duo are left with no choice but to separate due to feudal traditions, leading only to tears. Meanwhile, in An Eventful Stay, ue to the peasant revolt in the Sui Dynasty, the heroes of the Wa Lan fortress: Cheng Yaojin (Gladys Lee Heok Boon) and Luo Cheng (Ng Gek Kheng), secretly go undercover to collect military information by declaring their purpose to admire the lanterns as a façade. Spending a night at Li Longxing’s (Teo Meng Hock) guest shop, the two undercovers bump into two of Li Longxing’s daughters (Lee Siew Huang, Rita and Ng Gek Kee), where a number of twists and turns unfold.

As part of Nam Hwa Blazes, in collaboration with Nam Hwa Opera, ‘Arts and Theatre Management’ final year students from Republic Polytechnic will also be presenting fringe activities at the Level 7 Foyer of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, designed to promote Teochew Opera to youths and families. This July, spend an afternoon with Nam Hwa Blazes and get your taste of Teochew Opera, only at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre!

Nam Hwa Blazes plays on Sunday, 14th July 2019, 2.30pm at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre! Admission is free with registration either by emailing, calling +65 6904 0030 or visiting this link 

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