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Preview: DY-Logue《鼎有艺思》by Ding Yi Music Company

Taking place this October at Stamford Arts Centre, Ding Yi Music Company is introducing a brand new experimental music series with DY-Logue 《鼎有艺思》. Playing on both the company name and the word ‘dialogue’, DY-Logue is a platform that will provide Ding Yi musicians an avenue to freely express their music artistry and musicianship.

With this upcoming first edition, the concert features interplay between the two
contrasting ethnic instruments the Chinese lute pipa and Malay lute gambus played by Ding Yi Music Company’s musician, 2013 National Arts Council Young Artist Award recipient Chua Yew Kok (蔡友国) and award-winning, multi-talented musician and composer Azrin Abdullah respectively.

This dialogue showcase will be Ding Yi’s first concert organised at the SAC since the
company’s move to the building in November 2018. Pieces in the concert will feature a virtuosic pipa and gambus repertoire such as the Chinese ancient piece King Chu Doffs His Armour《霸王卸甲》 and Lil Ruh Hadith composed by Naseer Shamma.

Says Ding Yi Principal Conductor Quek Ling Kiong who will be
facilitating the concert: “Like how Singapore is celebrated as a multi-racial society, this concert mirrors that notion, presenting an intimate collaboration between two distinctly different yet similar ethnic instruments. This intimate conversation aptly articulates Ding Yi’s artistic vision – bridging between traditional and contemporary music presentation.”

DY-Logue plays on 27th October 2019 at the Stamford Arts Centre Black Box. Tickets available from SISTIC

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