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Preview: Nam Hwa Blazes 《万紫千红》“Teochew Opera Classics Excerpts” by Nam Hwa Opera

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Nam Hwa Opera’s quarterly FREE outreach series Nam Hwa Blazes is back this September for a very special edition. Playing at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on Friday, 27th September 2019, the upcoming edition of Nam Hwa Blazes will be presented by veteran Teochew opera actors, who will perform 3 opera performances surrounding the bitterness, hardships and happiness in love.

In Reunion at the tower《楼台会》, legendary lovers Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are reunited at the tower. But with Zhu already betrothed to the young master of Ma family, Liang is devastated upon hearing the news, and the couple vows to remain together, after death. Meanwhile, in Mu Guiying Seeking a Husband《穆桂英招亲》, young General Yang Zhong Bao catches the eye of commander Mu Guiying, the latter expressing her wish to marry him. Finally, in The Letter of Reunion《回书》, San Niang and Yao Qi meet by the well, where the former enlists the latter’s help to search for her husband and son. 

Nam Hwa Blazes takes place on 27th September 2019, 7pm at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Admission is free with registration by emailing, calling +65 6904 0030 or filling in the form here


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