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Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Launches RE•MIX Festival for youths

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The new year is fast on its way, and the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre is here to give it a fresh start with the first ever RE•MIX festival for youths by youths. Taking over the Centre on the weekend of 10th to 12th January 2020, experience the transformation of our daily culture through a youthful line-up of programmes across music, dance, arts, technology and more.

A party awaits as the festival kicks off with a special music extravaganza TGIF RE•MIX Music Station. This will be headlined by rising local singer-producer Jasmine Sokko, alongside other local acts such as Olinda Cho, Wang Weiliang, AL4HA (Mediacorp Artiste), Ian Fang (Mediacorp Artiste), Tay Kewei and The Façade. The musical escapade continues with the RE•MIX Getai, an extraordinary showcase of Singapore’s evolving getai culture. Hosted by Patricia Mok and Chua Enlai, this will be a night guaranteed for laughs as the undisputed Queen and King of getai Liu Ling Ling and Desmond Ng join in the fun with Singapore’s favourite ‘Ah Boys to Men’ cast.

Apart from music performances, the Cultural Centre will be setting the stage for its inaugural RE•MIX the Dance, celebrating the fervour of street dance with beats of Mandopop. Through exhilarating Open Style dance battles and dance choreography competitions, contestants will be assessed by a panel of international and local judges, including dance maestros from China, Apple Yang and Jr Taco. They will also take part in a panel discussion on the trend of convergence between street dance and Chinese culture.

For one special weekend, the Cultural Centre will bring the iconic Haw Par Villa into the heart of the Central Business District. Highlighting the treasure trove of Asian culture, philosophy and religion, Haw Par Villa RE•MIX brings together the fusion of technology and art in an unparalleled presentation of the park’s legendary and colourful themes. Come and experience the creativity of a multi-cultural artist line-up including Jake Tan, Mkr Bao, Muhammad Izzul, Race Krehel, Soph Ong and Space Objekt.

A 21st century reinterpretation of traditional Chinese mythologies will also come to life in RE•MIX Urban Art Exhibition. Featuring the works of 20 young artists across various disciplines, encounter familiar icons such as the legendary Monkey King and The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl like never before. The exhibition will also be complemented by fun workshops that combine elements of Chinese culture with modern and innovative crafts.

Other programmes to look forward to include the popular escape game format, The RE•MIX Escape, where participants will see the God of Fortune and Santa Claus face-off each other to uphold tradition in this modern world; RE•MIX the Jagua Tattoo for those intrigued by the creativity of body art; and Hooray RE•MIX Market, a celebration of youth, style and good vibes that features over 40 creative makers from the region with handmade crafts, unique fashion collectibles and art pieces. The retail experience will be topped with live performances by local and overseas indie bands, and a special apothecary bar serving special mixology creations inspired by Chinese herbs and ingredients.

Says Mr Low Sze Wee, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre: “We conducted a youth survey earlier this year, and found that young Singaporeans are both curious and engaged in Chinese culture. There are various motivations to why they want to engage with culture. It could be to better connect with their families and friends, gain a stronger sense of identity, or improve their career prospects.  Based on the findings, we decided to put together a cultural festival for youths to ‘rediscover’ Chinese Singapore culture. Just like our annual Cultural Extravaganza, RE•MIX hopes to be the first touchpoint for the uninitiated, to inspire them to get started on their own cultural journey.” 

RE•MIX 2020 will take place at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre from 10th to 12th January 2020. Admission to all programmes is free. For more information, visit their website here

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