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Arts of Hong Kong 2021: City Contemporary Dance Company announces 2021/22 Dance Season -“Why 冬 We Dance?”

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HONG KONG – Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) has been around for a while now, so much that 2021-2022 marks their 42nd dance season, and the first under new Artistic Director Yuri Ng.

This year, their season is themed Why 冬 We Dance?, playing on the Chinese character for ‘winter’, and marking the start of the next four dance seasons themed around winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Bruce Wong

The season opens with Days are Numbered, a new production comprising three dance pieces choreographed by dance artists, Justyne Li, Jennifer Mok and Bruce Wong, based on their extraordinary life stories. Resident Artist Qiao Yang and CCDC dancers will be teaming up with guest artist Wong Tan Ki to stage this production.

In August, CCDC presents Luck-quacka, a family-friendly dance performance that puts a unique Hong Kong spin on the Nutcracker at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Home Sweat Home

Also in the works is Home Sweat Home in November. Co-choreographed and performed by Anna Lo and Rick Lau, CCDC will be tuning into their bodies and movement to evoke an intimate combination of contemporary dance and rap in different languages.

Sang Jijia

The grand finale of the season is Pa | Ethos, by resident choreographer Sang Jijia. Inspired by the statues in Rome’s streets, the production will turn dancers into statues and explore the infinite possibilities of movement and immobility.

With 2020 having been a year of change for CCDC, 2021 is the year everything comes to fruition as they embark on a new journey with this new season, continuing to focus on creating local productions, and manifest their values of “Made in Hong Kong, made for Hong Kong” with evocative, emotional dance pieces.

Find out more about CCDC’s 2021/22 season here

For news and updates, join CCDC’s Telegram Channel CCDC的小日子 ️(@lifeinCCDC)

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