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★★★☆☆ Book Review: The Womps – Chick Bee’s Charming Cha-Cha by John Lim and Samantha Han

Learning to stay true to oneself, with the help of these furry friends.

Following their introduction to the world in Pinto’s Pinky Promises, The Womps are back to navigate the ups and downs of life and friendship, where readers stand to learn a thing or two along the way!

This time around, our Womp of focus is Chick Bee (the blue Cheeto-looking one), who’s learnt how to dance the cha-cha. Naturally, she wants to show off her newfound skills to her other furry friends. Her friends all love what she does, but each of them has their own suggestion for improvement, whether it’s doing skateboard tricks, jugging a soccer ball, or even adding a touch of pizazz to her outfit.

Naturally, Chick Bee is overwhelmed with all the suggestions, and in trying to please everyone, she just ends up a mess! Amidst the short and simple tale, Samantha Han’s story hides a lesson even adults can learn from, as we are reminded to do what we do best, and stop doing things just because others tell us to, or risk losing ourself in the process.

Coupled with John Lim’s charming illustrations and original characters, the colourful pages of Chick Bee’s Charming Cha-Cha are a joy to flip through, and kids are likely to feel Chick-Bee’s mounting pressure as expectation upon expectation is heaped upon her. When you reach the end, you can breathe a sigh of relief as she finally does what she does best without peer pressure – and you might even find yourself dancing along with joy!

Recommended for: Readers who need a reminder that everyone has advice, but you don’t always have to listen to them to be a success.

The Womps: Chick Bee’s Charming Cha-Cha is published by Epigram and available here

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