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Tag: Review

SIFA 2017 Finale: Lizard On The Wall

SIFA 2017 drew to a close last Saturday with the premiere of local film director K. Rajagopal’s (A Yellow Bird) latest film: Lizard On The Wall. But the significance of […]

Review: Human+ by Khairul Kamsani

How will we take our smartphone addicted culture to new heights in the future? Emerging theatre maker Khairul Kamsani brings back his 2014 speculative play Human+ with a new cast, a new […]

Review: Eat Locals dir. Jason Flemyng

In his directorial debut, actor Jason Flemyng reunites the cast of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to bring us vampire action film Eat Locals. Set in a small English town, a […]

Review: Moon Dogs dir. Philip John

The teenage years are always a tough time, particularly on the cusp of adulthood. But when you have a streak of bad luck, it could seem like the end of […]