About Bakchormeeboy


What/Who is Bakchormeeboy?

Bakchormeeboy was started in 2016 when we noticed an increasing lack of media coverage on the arts scene as old websites began shutting down one after the other and eminent reviewers left their posts. As such, Bakchormeeboy began as a platform to fill that gap in arts writing in Singapore, providing in-depth previews and reviews of theatre shows, with a special place in our hearts for young, upcoming talents and companies who might otherwise not receive as much opportunity on mainstream media. We seek to bring the arts closer to the audience with our website and writing, and to be the first point of reference for any upcoming theatre performance and news in Singapore.

Since then we’ve rapidly expanded, and now provide coverage for all the major theatre companies in Singapore, including Singapore Repertory Theatre, W!ld Rice, The Necessary Stage and The Theatre Practice, as well as newer groups such as The Second Breakfast Company. Besides our main forte in covering the theatre scene in Singapore, we also review dance, visual arts, film, opera, and entire festivals. We’ve even headed overseas to provide coverage of events in places as far flung as London’s West End and Malaysia.

What makes Bakchormeeboy so special?

Currently, Bakchormeeboy has grown to the extent that we are going beyond simply arts, but also incorporating related activities into our stories. Examples include our current Food and Theatre series, where we feature potential restaurants to dine at before or after shows, as well as artist spotlights, where we highlight artists we love and deserve a platform to be showcased. Receiving around twenty thousand hits per month, our demographic ranges from university students to young adults. We can only grow more as time passes, and our strong readership ensures that articles we put up have plenty of reach in terms of both quantity and quality, especially within eminent members of the local arts scene.

In addition, as an online platform, we aim to be the first to publish reviews and articles, catching the opening nights of most of the performances we watch in order to release the reviews within 48 hours or less to boost ticket sales and provide timely, accurate coverage. Our posts always link back to the ticketing channels where readers can buy tickets, and we provide listings of upcoming arts events in a handy calendar in the tabs above. We never demand for financial payment for our arts reviews, as we feel that it would compromise on the quality and accuracy of the article, and it’s all we can do to help support and grow the local arts scene in our own way.

Why Bakchormeeboy?

The name Bakchormeeboy came about because we wanted to pick something fiercely local, and is a bit of a misnomer in that we aren’t food bloggers. But in a sense, it’s also accurate because the Singapore arts scene is a smorgasbord of different ingredients that make it up, and on this website, you’ll find everything you want to fill your curious palate with, arts and entertainment-wise.

How can I contribute to Bakchormeeboy?

We’re always on the lookout for arts events and festivals to cover, so do email us at bakchormeemail@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or would like us to feature your company/show/event. In addition, we’re interested in getting new writers on board, as we continue to expand on our coverage. Same thing – email us, preferably with a CV and/or writing sample of your most recently watched show, and we’ll get back to you soonest 🙂

We’re also very active on Instagram and Facebook, so you can also contact us there, or simply follow us if you just want to have your daily dose of Bakchormee(boy)!