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House of Riot Triple Bill 6/6/15


Touted as a chance to be part of Singapore’s indie music history, House of Riot presented 3 of Singapore’s most well known indie musicians and brought them together for a damn good night (sold out too!). Clocking in at a little over 4 hours, each act was allowed a full set of 1 hour plus, and played to varying audience reactions. The overall consensus though, was truly a riot of a response, garnering both tears and so many more cheers. We’ll examine each act individually.

Inch Chua


The fun sized solo artist makes her great comeback after spending a month on Pulau Ubin coming up with new material for her new EP set to be released around September. Inch’s set consisted of both old hits such as the amazing ‘Wallflower’ and ‘Rule The World’, alongside some jaunty and rock focused new songs. Her voice ranged from melodic wails to sweet innocence, and the whole folksy indie vibe was helped tremendously by the amazing video projections and her very fashionable cape and dress. Although possessing a high energy performance, Inch wasn’t quite able to rouse the audience, but hey, we super enjoyed her set, because it was fun, loud, and sounded amazing live.

The Great Spy Experiment


This was TGSE’s final performance after 10+ years of being in the music industry!!! With tears and cheers aplenty, TGSE probably had the largest fanbase tonight and had the strongest audience control, getting the entire hall to stand up from the very get go and rock out all the way till the end, in true rock star fashion. I’m not familiar with TGSE’s songs personally, although I love their sound (epic instrumental breaks and general loudness), but holy crap they rocked it out tonight! Even with a lead vocalist recovering from losing his voice, the band still got the loudest cheers of the night, with people very visibly rocking out to every song, waving their phones in the air, and generally having a damn good time. This was pretty amazing stuff, and I wish them all the best in their future careers.

Charlie Lim


Charlie Lim! Everyone loves awkward, atas sounding Charlie, with his great vocal control and electronic vibe. Next to TGSE, Charlie probably had the second biggest fanbase. Moving away from TGSE’s rock sound, Charlie Lim headed more towards the experimental side, and delighted with hits such as ‘I Only Tell The Truth’ and ‘Super Rich Kids’, alongside new singles to celebrate the launch of his new double EP ‘Space/Time’. Charlie Lim may not be the most accessible musician, but by god he has his legion of fans. I’m a new convert, and am thoroughly looking forward to the new music video to be released in a few weeks. His vocal and genre range was impressive, and despite being the final act eating into the 11th hour, he ended his set with a standing ovation. Impressive for one so young.

Basically what I’m saying is, House of Riot was AMAZING, and proves that local music has its fans.  Hopefully, this means that we’ll see tons more local concerts springing up in the near future, because if this is anything to go by, the local music scene is growing nicely.




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