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An Insight to Churn Creamery

Churn Creamery 4th June 2016


Churn has been open for about 9 months now, and this is the first time we decided to drop by. Some photos of their ‘puffones’ have been floating around the Internet, and we’re suckers for interesting revolutions in dessert (or just suckers for dessert in general) Considering that Tanjong Pagar is now home to countless bingsu places, it’s nice to know that there’s one ice cream shop in the midst of the Korean craze.

And we weren’t disappointed at all! Co-owner and founder Amanda was very nice and introduced us to some of their bestselling flavours, which include Speculoos, Thai Milk Tea and Bailey Milo. We tried these flavours, alongside some of their original, more inventive ones such as Sweet Breakfast (milk soaked with toasted cereal), peanut butter and jelly, and White Elegance (a floral tea with white chocolate). Most of their flavours were instant hits with me, not too sweet yet still full of interesting mouthfeels. Churn also does a monthly waffle special designed by their chef, going for $16.80, and is a delectable waffle with two scoops of ice cream, drizzled with all kinds of goodness. You’ll have to ask to see what the special is!


I came with a friend and ended up ordering their waffle with two scoops of ice cream (speculoos and milk tea), which came served with honeycomb. The waffle was a Belgian waffle and crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, just the way a Belgian waffle should be, contrary to most Singaporeans’ beliefs. We gobbled it up in minutes.


Of course, we came here for the puffone ($1.50 more), which is basically a flaky, pastry cone, filled with molten chocolate from a chocolate tap that solidifies upon being poured in, and had a white elegance scoop on it. It’s definitely an interesting concept, and I must say I liked it enough that I’ll probably order another one the next time I drop by.

All in all, a pleasant experience, not to mention, they have a pretty solid free wifi in the cafe. Not very big, but a very nice place to hang out after a tasty Korean lunch in the area. Recommended!

Hot Tip: Consider dropping by on a weekday between 2-6pm. They serve up a tea set where you can order a waffle/brownie with two scoops of ice cream and a pot of Clipper Tea for two at just $15.80!


Hot Tip #2: Be sure to check out their mystery flavour of the month. If you taste it and guess what it is, you’ll get a whole scoop of it on the house! Previous months have included guava and sourplum powder, and banana and Kiwi, so it’s not always a straightforward answer. We were scratching our heads with this month’s pink coloured sorbet!

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