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Review: I Light Marina Bay 2017


I Light Marina Bay returns for the 5th year, and the annual light festival is bigger and better than ever! Organized by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, this year’s edition follows the theme of nature and the city, and Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival also features a programme full of exciting workshops, flea markets, music and of course this being Singapore, tons of food!

We went to check out the installations and what else the festival had on offer. Check out some of our favourite highlights below!


Urchin by Choi + Shine Architects (USA) @ Lower Boardwalk

Urchin by Choi+Shine Architects. Image Courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017

Huge sea urchin type structures are lined against the skyline, each having an intricate lace pattern that juxtaposes majesty with delicacy. There’s something incredibly moving about these softly pulsating spheres, and reminds us of lace table clothes in our own or relatives’ homes. Comforting and domestic, yet also enthralling.

Dande-lier by COLOURS x Web Structure x Prof Yuen’s Research Team @ Esplanade Waterfront

Dande-lier by COLOURS X Web Structure X Prof Yuen's Research Team. Image Courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

Appropriately enough, this seemingly weightless, flower-like structure of lighted umbrellas resembles the Esplanade’s tesellating facade. Its name comes from a portmanteau of the words Dandelion and Chandelier, as together, they form a brilliant light structure, but the individual pieces give the impression of floating off, like a dandelion’s seeds.

The Body of the Sea by Danny Rose Collective (France) @ Merlion Park

The Body of the Sea by Danny Rose Collective. Image Courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

This installation transforms the Merlion’s home into an underwater fantasy, projecting shimmering, waterlike images onto the space, and the Merlion is given a chance to return to the sea, dressed in coral, shells and other marine life as it remembers its time underwater.

Secret Galaxies by Syndicate (Singapore) @ ArtScience Museum

Secret Galaxies by Syndicate, featuring Brandon Tay, Kiat & Safuan Johari. Image courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

The ArtScience Museum has always been a fascinating structure, but did you know it also doubles as a fantastic screen to project on? Secret Galaxies projects a hypnotic confluence of images of the stars and space onto the building, in a kind of laser light show of the final frontier.

MoonFlower by Lee Yun Qin (Singapore) @ The Promontory

Moonflower by Lee Yun Qin. Image courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

There’s a real sense of texture to these flowers, which glow softly and sparkle soothingly from their gauzy petals. Each flower is powered by a solar-powered LED, and it’s portable too, so you could very well buy it up after the festival is over for your own backyard decor, perfect for the mid-autumn festival later in the year!

Horizontal Interference by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki (Poland) @ Mist Walk

Horizontal Interference by Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki. Image courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

This piece connects trees together with colourful lighted cords, interesting by day, gorgeous by night. Moving about in the wind, it reminds us of the F1 Night Race, cars zooming by with neon speed lines left in their wake.

Home by Anna Galas (Poland) @ Waterfront Promenade

Home by Anna Galas. Image Courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

Galas creates a safe space in the middle of the city and the miraculous structure resembles a child’s drawing brought to life. Yep, it’s literally a house, and it’s ridiculously bright, ensuring that you’ll find your way home no matter how lost you feel in this urban jungle.

Hybycozo by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu (USA and Canada) @ Esplanade Waterfront

Hybycozo by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu. Image Courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

Mixing science, tech and geometry, Hybycozo is inspired by Douglas Adams’ Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and adorns these cubes with Islamic tile designs and unified field theory patterns, encapsulating the point where art meets science, and how the natural world can be understood by both science and faith.

Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Sweden) @ Waterfront Promenade

Northern Lights by Aleksandra Stratimirovic. Image courtesy of i Light Marina Bay 2017.

Inspired by the aurora borealis, Stratimirovic uses 100 vertically positioned light lines to recreate the famous Northern Lights phenomenon of the Scandic regions, dancing in the dark and mesmerising viewers for centuries. These lights also interact with their surroundings, giving them an unpredictability and natural choreography with endless possibilities. In addition, the installation includes a soundscape specially designed for it, playing as you admire the lights. Check it out below:

I Light Marina Bay of course, includes more than just lights, having expanded into a full blown festival over the last few years. This year’s edition features a whole host of peripheral activities that’s fun for the whole family!

Art-Zoo @ The Float 


Art-Zoo is one of the festival hubs set up for I Light and returns you to the heyday of your childhood with gigantic, lighted inflatable playground art set in a zoo. With everything from plants, animals to entire ecosystems, this is an all ages installation that will definitely appeal to both your kids and your inner kids. Art-Zoo was designed by Jackson Tan, creative director of creative agency BLACK and founding partner of contemporary art collective PHUNK, and his work has featured internationally from MOCA Taipei to the Venice Biennale.

Note: Art-Zoo is a ticketed event. Tickets can be purchased here



We did say there was plenty of food too, and we had a blast trying some amazing food. There’s a specific setup in the Bayfront Event Space that’s home to Gastrobeats – where music and food meet and you can head on over to after checking out the lights!

Highlights of the food include tasty pastry from Tong Heng Bakery,


Chili Cheese Steak from Brazilian eatery Carnivore,


a chimney cake from Chimney,


Tom Yum Pasta from SHIOK Pasta,


Fried Chicken Skin from Alter Ego,


And end off your meal with the much talked about DragonsBreath.


In addition, plenty of local music acts will be performing, with artists like Scarlet Avenue, Disco Hue and THELIONCITYBOY taking to the stage. Be sure to also check out the debut of the Silent Disco over at the Marina Bay City Gallery, where visitors put on headphones and dance to the music set of their choice! And for kids? Uncle Ringo has set up an entire carnival, with plenty of rides and games for all to enjoy.

Gastrobeats takes place at the Bayfront Event Space from 3-26 March, Sun-Thurs 5-11pm and Fri-Sat 4pm-12am. Admission is free.

I Light Marina Bay is once again set to light up your life this March, and a fantastic way to spend an evening with a date, friends or family. Be sure to make time and head on down before it’s gone for another year. Also, big thanks to the people of Tate Anzur for inviting us down and making it such a pleasant experience!

I Light Marina Bay runs till 26 March around the Marina Bay area. For a map and more details, check out their website here


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