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Feel Free With Bundies: Asia’s First and Most Comfortable Subscription-Based Underwear For Men

Bundies 10

Ever had difficulty picking out the perfect underwear? Worry no more with the launch of Bundies, Asia’s very first subscription based men’s underwear brand. At the launch party, we got a chance to get a look at these pants up close and personal, laid on on a table and of course, modelled by some comfortable looking hunks walking about.

And by god, these are comfy. Just one touch and you don’t ever want to let go.

Bundies Founders

The story goes that co-founder Wauter Muis and Benk Visscher wanted a simple and convenient way to find those magic pair of underwear that combines comfort and reasonable pricing. Thus, Bundies was born out of a want to see men from all walks of life to be comfortable in their own skin, and spokespeople from the founders of A Noodle Story to influencer DJ Lokies Khan have come out and declared their undying love for these underpants.

Bundies 2

Bundies underwear comes in three styles to suit any man’s needs and desires – Knitted Trunks, Knitted Boxers and Woven Boxers. Using only the highest quality sustainable certified fabrics that have been tested to be twice as soft as cotton, so Bundies lets you feel good about both your body and the environment around you. As of now, the Knitted Trunks comes in three classic colours as well as three funkier designs, ranging from green squares to blue dots.

Bundies 7

Interestingly, the knitted trunks are specially designed to prevent the fabric from riding up your leg, while their counterpart, the boxers, are crafted such that they keep your nether regions cool in the sweltering heat while still maintaining their shape even after multiple washes. All three styles come in multiple colours and designs, including a limited edition Chinese New Year one specially for the Knitted Trunks, helping wearers celebrate the Year of the Dog on the inside as well.

Trunk Limited Edition CNY

Free yourself and your body with Bundies, and resolve to live the best version of yourself you can. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or gifting it to that special man in your life, Bundies is sure to give the recipient limitless comfort and a wonderful surprise in the mail each month.


Don’t believe how comfortable these trunks are even after reading this post? Well, we’re giving away THREE pairs of Bundies to some lucky readers! All you have to do is:

1. Name one style Bundies come in here
2. Like us on Facebook and Instagram

Bundies delivers globally and always offers free delivery in Singapore and Hong Kong. For more information and to order your very own pair of Bundies, visit their website here

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