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Can’t Stop The Feeling: RWS Brings Nonstop Joy With Their New Programmes This March/April

The March holidays may be over, but sometimes, you just can’t afford to stop that feeling. Resorts World Sentosa’s new programmes at Universal Studios Singapore, the S.E.A. Aquarium and the Maritime Experiential Museum will keep you entertained every day of the week.


Over at the revamped Maritime Experiential Museum, kids can embark on an adventure along the Maritime Silk Route through 15 immersive new galleries, meeting  As always, there’s a strong theme of environmental awareness running through the museum, and young explorers even get a chance to learn how to build a boat from recycled materials.


As they trace the steps of famous explorers who’ve sailed the seas before them, they’ll even get a chance to meet digitized versions of adventurers like Admiral Zheng He and Marco Polo, coming away with a real hands on educational experience about the history and livelihood of these bold ocean explorers.


Right beside the Maritime Experiential Museum is of course, the S.E.A. Aquarium, where visitors got a chance to come face to face with the aquarium’s newest resident – the sand tiger shark, best known for its rows of ragged teeth and vicious appearance. Kids also get a chance to learn about the record holders of the world, from the fastest to the heaviest creatures living under the sea, presented by National Geographic. And if that wasn’t enough to keep them edutained, they can also get some hands on experience with the National Geographic Ocean Exploration Children’s Workshop, Singapore’s first ever marine science and maritime exploration children’s workshop.


Finally, for an adventure both kids and adults can take part in, the S.E.A. Aquarium presents the Marine Photography Adventure, where both amateurs and experts can learn from pros about underwater photography and how to capture that perfect image of animals like the Sand Tiger Shark, Poison Arrow Frog and Seahorse with literally any camera! There’s even a photography competition, where participants stand to win big prizes, such as a pair of Adult S.E.A. Aquarium Attractions Annual Passes

But of course, the one thing that’s sure to get the kids going is a trip to Universal Studios Singapore. Leapfrogging off the success of Dreamworks’ latest animated feature, USS plays host to Trolls-topia, where an all new show will raise your hair, and get your feet moving to the beat. Following the events of Trolls, the tribe of rainbow-haired, pint-size creatures are set to crown their new Queen Poppy. But when Poppy is late for her own coronation, the trolls have no choice but to keep the crowd entertained for longer, in a grand parade and interactive audience experience.

Once the new queen is finally crowned, you and your whole family can even meet up with Poppy and Branch from the film, and snap some great souvenir photos with them to remember the experience by. You can even get yourself all dolled up as a Troll with face painting, temporary tattoos and even the signature wigs, alongside larger than life flowers! Finally, get sparkly with the Trolls Glitterpalooza, as you revel in glittery confetti and have a chance to catch prizes as they soar through the air.

Over at Resorts World Sentosa, every day is a new day ripe with potential for discovery, fun and games at each and every one of its attractions. Free up your mind and body and make your way down to Sentosa this March and April for a fantastic day out.

For more information and ticketing, visit RWS’ website here

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