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Preview: Metamorphoses 2 by Off The Cliff Theatre

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LONDON – Following a successful run last year, Off The Cliff Theatre returns to Waterloo East Theatre this July to present Metamorphoses 2! Inspired by Ovid’s classic text Metamorphoses, Metamorphoses 2 will comprise 5 fantastical, multi-layered and poignant plays, showcased in vignette style as characters literally and figuratively go through acts of transformation.

In I Fought The State and The State Won, Niall Uruquhart updates the tale of the weaver Arachne, turned into a spider after challenging the goddess Minerva, now instead exploring the abuse of power and fake news as the Minister of Information challenges vlogger Arachne to a contest of popularity. In Peleus, Will Owen presents a re-imagination of the tale of Peleus entrusted to father a son with Thetis, after his grandfather Zeus is spooked by a prophecy, becoming a tale of patriarchy and troubled family history. Christine Roberts’ A Bumper Harvest adapts the Roman personification of death, Mors, to represent the refugee crisis, while Jonathan Brandt’s A Couple in One takes inspiration from the myth of Hermaphroditus and Salmacis, and imagines what happens to the fused couple after their transformation into a single half male, half female being. Finally, Emma Rogerson’s The Tapestry takes on the #MeToo movement through the story of Philomela’s rape and her subsequent silencing.

Metamorphoses 2 will be directed by Kasia Różycki and featuring a cast comprising Velenzia Spearpoint, Meg Lake, Andrew Candish, Victoria Porter, Emma Austin, Naheen Nazmin, Harriet Main, Claire Emmott and Victor Lamb, with live music  by Weronika Bielecka (vocal), Olandra (piano, vocal) and Sam Creer (cello). Join Off The Cliff as they bring you on a mythical, often violent journey into the very depths of the human condition through their modern interpretations of Ovid’s tales, and bear witness to this exciting, original show full of visual delights and unexpected twists.

Metamorphoses 2 plays at Waterloo East Theatre from 10th – 15th July. Tickets available here

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