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KFC Singapore Tackles Healthier Options With Release of Delicious Signature Grilled Chicken

For as long as it’s existed, Kentucky Fried Chicken has more or less always emphasised its key product as the Fried chicken. While that may not be changing anytime soon, they’ve certainly changed up the game with the latest item to hit the menus: the Signature Grilled Chicken.

Signature Grilled Chicken Meal includes one grilled quarter leg, one regular Whipped Potato, one regular Coleslaw and one regular Pepsi Black. ($8.95)


Created after more than a year of research and development, and consumer taste testing, the Signature Grilled Chicken uses a whole quarter leg (a Singapore first for fast food restaurants) well-marinaded in a blend of paprika chili, pepper, garlic, onion and herbs, before being popped into the oven in-store to come out crisp and full of golden-brown deliciousness. It truly is finger lickin’ good – moist, tender, and with the perfect blend of spices that really complements the chicken. With the Signature Grilled Chicken, KFC continues to ensure that it remains the place for Singaporeans to go for chicken.

Garden Salad ($2.20)

As part of this move towards promoting healthier lifestyles, KFC is also introducing their brand new Garden Salad, available as an add-on to your meal at just $2.20 to add a touch of green, perfect either as a complement to your fried or grilled chicken. One suggests consuming the salad not as a side dish, but to make a bed of green for your chicken, and eating the two together, for that mix of flavours and textures in a truly hearty, healthy meal.

Signature Grilled Chicken Box includes one grilled quarter leg, two Hot & Crispy Tenders, one regular Fries, one regular Whipped Potato and one regular Pepsi Black. ($10.95)

The Signature Grilled Chicken is available à la carte at S$5.90 (dine-in price) or in special bundle meals starting from S$8.95 (dine-in, takeaway and delivery). The new Signature Grilled Chicken will be available at all KFC restaurants, except KFC Changi Airport Terminal 1, Jurong West Street 51, KidZania, Singapore Zoo and Toa Payoh Lorong 1.

Grilled Chicken Variety Meal includes one grilled quarter leg, two pieces Chicken (Original Recipe / Hot & Crispy), three Hot & Crispy Tenders, one medium Whipped Potato, one medium Coleslaw and two regular Pepsi Black. ($19.95)

For more information and list of outlets, visit KFC’s website

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