AllSense Ups The Wellness Game with nenä and Sensorium

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Over the weekend, scent experts AllSense took over the Funan Showsuite to present Sensorium – a two-day celebration of urban wellness rituals and polysensory play.

Guests were invited to dive deep into their senses as they explored through various installations, workshops, tastings and crafted gifts.

Over the inaugural carnival, Sensorium presented six unique attractions that aimed to inspire a sense of awe and curiosity in all. These included an installation of scented jars, Christmas candle-making, a bubble parade and hands-on mixology sessions for all ages and sensory tastes.

Guests could also purchase products from the emporium of beauty and F&B products, before learning how to better their lives through a series of wellness workshops from brands such as Hook Coffee, Mamonde, nenä, Oo La Lab and The Dark Gallery while enjoying the live music of Bottlesmoker.

This polysensorial festival also marked the launch of AllSense’s newest brand nenä – a remedy bar and blending service housed in AllSense headquarters at Delta House.

Focusing primarily on essential oils, nenä aims to bring these wellness methods into our daily rituals, having developed a range of 12 remedies, each one carefully paired with breathing and stretching exercises.

Developed in combination with Anja Humljan of, these wellness rituals hope to promote a greater connection to mindfulness even in the most mundane of every day routines, from waiting for the bus or sitting at your desk.

nenä remedies are designed to be ‘dab, rub or rolled’ into specific pulse points across the body to complete the ritual. and also offers a blending and product compounding service for lotions, soaps and scrubs, prepared for you in the essential oils of your choosing.

While they do offer a home delivery service, nenä strongly encourages visitors to head down to the lab for a hands on experience and workshop, learning all about essential oil origins and benefits firsthand.

Says AllSense founder Terry Jacobson: “Nature has all the answers. With nenä we want to inspire mindfulness in people through a greater awareness of our normal everyday surroundings. We live in such stressful times that we literally need to fight for our sanctuary spaces, wellness in the workspace as well as in the home.”

Sensorium took place on 17th and 18th November 2018 at the Funan Showsuite. nenä is located at 2 Alexandra Road, #02-04, Singapore 159919. Visit their website here

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