NISSIN Launches New Ramen Bowl Flavours Kyushu Red and Hokkaido Miso

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 10.44.12 PM

Two brand new, quintessentially Japanese flavours of ramen have been launched by beloved brand NISSIN. From October 2019, Singaporeans can now purchase Kyushu Red and Hokkaido Miso flavours of ramen to add a touch of Japanese to your everyday meals.

The Hokkaido Miso is rich with miso flavour, authentic and clear in its profile. While the Kyushu Red is definitely for those who prefer their meals a little spicier, creamier on the broth with a hint of roasted garlic and just as rich and full of flavour, leaving a pleasant, satisfying aftertaste after consumption.

Previously in May, the brand launched the Kyushu Black and Tokyo Shoyu flavours in this series of instant ramen bowls for ease of preparation. Each product is authentically Japanese and of a high quality, different as the noodles within are thick, chewy and soaked in each distinct flavour of broth, just like the ramen you might find in an actual Japanese restaurant.

With four delicious flavours now available at all major supermarkets and from online retailers, you’ll never have to worry about finding a decent bowl of ramen ever again.


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