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Great Singaporean Podcasts You Should Check Out Immediately

Long before iPhones existed, iPods were all the rage. Apple released the first version of the product in 2001 which paved the way for podcasting to take off. The word itself is a mix of “iPod” and “broadcast.”

The concept of podcasting dated back about two decades before the iPod was released and was first dubbed audioblogging. Once the iPod became more widespread, digital content was more readily accessible for listeners around the world. As a result, podcasting grew tremendously in the early 2000s and hasn’t stopped since. 

With more than half a million podcasts available on iTunes today, there are countless episodes to choose from. From true crime and sports to the most popular hobbies and life advice, there doesn’t seem to be a topic — or region — podcasts haven’t touched.
According to Asia Radio Today, the growth of podcasts in Singapore is sluggish compared to many other countries. In the US, a major podcast-producing country with impressive audience stats, there is a wide range of emerging topics contributing to the growing listenership of podcasts worldwide.
In podcasting’s infancy, topics were mainly evergreen, relying on the long life of a podcast. Since the market boom, however, many podcasts have emerged that bring a journalistic pace. For example, television and broadcast companies have adopted podcasting to publicize their own events such as a view of the college basketball season’s results and picks, ice hockey season news or any Singapore-related topics.
In fact, if you search for “Singapore podcasts” on Google, you will find many abandoned titles. Whereas some may see these trends as bleak, others see them as an opportunity ready to be seized.
  1. The Mr. Brown Show

Known as the “Blogfather of Singapore,” Kinmun Lee is a multifaceted character. He is a satirist, writer, lyricist, cyclist, traveler, gamer, and photographer. In his podcast, The Mr. Brown Show (which has earned a 4.8-star rating on iTunes), he is best known for dishing out political satire using his alter ego. Lee has been making a name for himself for decades. Although his work pre-dates all major social media channels, he has acquired more than 400,000 Twitter followers as his popularity continues to grow.


OKLETSGO is the brainchild of three local deejays who left their full-time careers to become podcasters. Their project topped Spotify’s Singapore charts for a majority of 2019 — even acquiring a larger audience than talk show hosts Trevor Noah and Conan O’Brien. The three comedic hosts, who speak Malay, banter about topics that impact the Malaysian community. 

  1. Livin’ it up in Lion City!

Singapore has long been known as the Lion City, even though lions have never been known to live there. It takes its name from two Malay words. In the language, singa means “lion,” and pura means “city.” In the Livin’ it up in Lion City! podcast, host Rindo talks with his friends about Singaporean issues, trends and culture. On his website, he boasts, “This is all about regular conversations, with regular people.” Rindo is an Indian native who has lived in Singapore for years. 

  1. THE BITE by Esquire Singapore

Hosts Anita Kapoor, Ben Hopkins, Debra Langely and Norman Tan discuss fashion, music, tech, mental health and a host of other hot topics. They also respond to listener questions and invite local and regional guests to join the conversation. The topics covered on THE BITE are broad. Some of the past episodes are titled “Modern Day Masculinity,” “Hip Hop in Southeast Asia” and “The rise of the zero-waste supermarket.”

  1. SG Explained

Do you want to gain an in-depth knowledge of Singapore? If so, check out SG Explained. Rovik, Willie and Elliot — who describe themselves as “three regular Singaporeans” — are on a mission to explore everything that makes the country what it is. Touching on history, events, art and cultural issues, the trio dives head-first into the discussion. They also invite listeners to check out their live recording sessions on the SG Explained Facebook page. 

Podcasting has provided a platform for many people to voice their thoughts and opinions to the world. Thanks to the medium, many Singaporeans have been given the opportunity to bring their ideas and creativity to the masses. Keep these five podcasts in mind the next time you are in need of some entertaining ear candy.

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