Growing Art Cities You Need to Know

MB Sands, Singapore at nighttime

Certain cities around the world get all of the praise for being art meccas. Everyone knows about New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and other major cities, but actually, there are many smaller places that are establishing their own dedicated art scenes. 

Especially with the internet and social media sharing culture worldwide, you no longer have to live in these major art hubs to thrive as a budding artist. Here are some lesser-known destinations worldwide that have some very respectable art scenes. 

Valparaíso, Chile

Chile is a mesmerizing city that has a flair and culture that’s completely unique. Not only does this city have a taste for colorful homes like Miami, but it also has a penchant for street art similar to Berlin. Since it became a World Heritage Center in 2003, the country has invested a lot into building new galleries, museums, and temporary exhibits. 

Even a former local prison was renovated and repurposed as a cultural center (Parque Cultural de Valparaíso) with regular theatre, music, and art shows. If you venture to this part of the world, make sure to visit Sala de Arte Wenteche and Galeria de Arte Bahia Utopica, two excellent art galleries that have a blend of Chilean, Latin American, and international pieces on display. 

Baltimore, USA

Baltimore has come a long way in recent decades and now has many aspects to be proud of. With a strong rebounding economy, there are many more small and locally owned businesses here than ever before. There are other rallying points of pride as well. 

Baltimore is fortunate enough to have an NFL team, and the city stands behind the Baltimore Ravens. The team had an excellent season again, even making it to the playoffs, and they’re consistently the favorite in the American football betting markets. Of course, that’s just one thing that locals can be proud of. Besides sports, there’s also a blossoming art and music scene that’s quickly gaining a reputation around the world. 

Baltimore has one of the most reputable and famous art schools in the country with Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Some of the famous alumni from here include Jeff Koons, David Byrne, and Abbi Jacobson. There are numerous growing art spaces here as well that are set up and operated by local artists. These exist to have a space for budding creators to showcase their work. Of course, there are also countless galleries, exhibits, film festivals, and more to show that Baltimore can rival any famous art city in the US. 

Manilla, Philippines

With a population nearing 2 million people, you can be sure that Manilla has its own thriving art scene. Here, street art like graffiti is very popular and can be seen adorning buildings all over the city. 

Of course, there are also many locally owned and operated art spaces throughout the country that cater to contemporary and classic styles. One of the most unique aspects of Manilla is how fast you can go from a sprawling and crowded city to lush, gorgeous islands. Living here as an artist is very inspiring. 


While Singapore has everything other art cities have to offer, like galleries, fashion shows, and art spaces, one of the most remarkable things about this city is how they craft their surrounding public areas into art exhibits. In its quest to become one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, Singapore has invested billions into its landscape. 

Taking a quick drive around will reveal numerous landmarks that have since become very popular. The Interlace is a luxury apartment building that is stacked in a way that resembles Jenga blocks and was named World Building of the Year in 2016. Another structure, the Marina Bay Sands, is a multi-billion dollar project. It has three distinct towers, with a sky garden that bridges them together, and the world’s largest infinity pool. 

Even when you step off the plane you are greeted by some wondrous art exhibits like the Rain Vortex at the Singapore Changi Airport. This indoor waterfall is the largest in the world at seven stories tall. If you want to visit a city that is on the cutting edge of artistic architecture and incredible building techniques, Singapore is one of the top destinations in the world.

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