The Most Visited Gaming Sites by Singaporeans in 2020
Interestingly, Singaporeans love to play online games no doubt. However, from
various statistics, it appears that Singaporeans visited certain gaming sites more
than others. Also, there are a few reasons these websites were visited more often
by players in Singapore.

Considering how online gaming has become popular in Singapore, we decided to
research the most visited gaming sites in the country.
However, the fact that Singaporeans preferred certain games doesn’t mean they
are the best. Besides, the best gaming sites in Singapore would be highlighted
here too.

Top 5 Frequently Visited Gaming Sites in Singapore
Singaporeans choose these 5 gaming sites over others in 2020. Possible reasons
Singaporeans preferred these sites would also be discussed.

● Sportsbook
Although the gambling laws in Singapore restrict bettors in the country to only
place bets at the state-owned Singapore Pool, most Singaporeans also patronize
foreign sportsbook companies. Operating a sportsbook in Singapore is prohibited
by the betting laws and is ambiguous about placing bets.

Based on this, most Singaporeans pick foreign sportsbook operators over the
state-owned sportsbook company. It seems like the foreign sportsbook provides
more gambling opportunities compared to the Singapore Pool.

● Video Games

Just like sportsbooks, video game betting is not legally permitted in Singapore.
However, a lot of Singaporeans have chosen video gaming sites because of the
opportunities it provides.

For instance, most video gaming websites allow bettors or players to interact with
each other. Therefore a mark of friendship is established even if both players are
not physically together.

Video games always provide players the option to bet and also play for fun.
Meanwhile, the intrigues that video games also bring to the table inspire players
around the world to opt for them.

● Casino Games
Since the closure of land-based casinos, it appears that online casino gaming has
increased in Singapore. Before the pandemic, most Singapore players opted to
travel miles to other countries to bet at land-based casinos. Considering the risk
attached to embarking on such a sojourn, Singaporeans have opted for online

Aside from that, online casinos tend to have taken advantage of the pandemic
and also offer players more bonuses. This approached lured more bettors to
online casinos. Moreover, what players want is fun and a little profit for their
time. As a matter of fact, online casinos offer that too.

Poker Sites
In the past playing poker games was not so popular in Singapore the way it is
now. It seems that since poker became available online, so many bettors
developed more interest. Most poker websites are so real you won’t believe you
are playing the game via your smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, most poker websites allow players to chat with their live dealers
and other poker players. Therefore, you get the same gaming experience as if you
were sitting by a poker table at the casinos. Most times, these poker sites use
high definition cameras that display everything that is happening at the poker

Slot Website
Generally, slot machines are one of the most played games at casinos.
Interestingly, slots are taking that position online too. Nowadays, most casino
sites and even sportsbooks have slot games.

On the other hand, their online gaming sites are specifically designed for slot
machines. Since Singaporeans discovered online slot machine sites; they opted for these sites instead of playing slots at casino websites. The most played slots by
Singaporeans are 3-reel slots. However, other bettors preferred 5-reels because
of the opportunities it offers.

Bingo Games
Bingo sites have made an impression in the hearts of Singaporeans because of the huge bonuses they offer. To lure bettors, bingo gaming sites give out
mouthwatering bonuses and promotions regularly.

Singaporeans got attracted to bingo games because it’s easy to play and
understand. If you have never played a bingo game before, after reading a few
instructions will be good to go. Presently, most bingo websites have demo
versions. You can learn how to play on these demo versions before you play for
real money.

Why did Singaporeans Opt for these Gaming Websites?
The gaming sites outlined above were the most visited by Singaporeans in 2020.
The reason they were preferred has been outlined partially. However, let’s take a
further look:
Security: Singaporeans opted for these gaming sites because they are
secure and safe. Although they are regulated by a local agency in
Singapore, they are licensed by trusted regulatory agencies.
Bonuses and Rewards: These gaming sites offered more bonuses and
rewards to Singaporeans compared to others. During the hit of the

pandemic, these sites kept Singaporeans busy with huge bonuses and
Convenience: These games offer a lot of conveniences because they are
compatible with most mobile devices. Therefore Singaporeans could sit
anywhere and place their bets.

Wrapping Up
Online gaming sites enjoyed a lot of patronage in 2020 due to the lockdown and
closure of most recreational centers. Also, Singaporeans took advantage of the
moment and had their fair share of fun playing at online gaming platforms.
In 2021, the sites most visited by Singaporeans may be entirely different from
those listed above. Stay tuned for the most visited sites by Singaporeans in 2021.

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