Unearth some new music with the help of these smartphone music apps

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The arts scene in Singapore is aiming to progress even further in the coming months, with numerous shows being mooted to follow on from the array of arts listings we’ve already had. The arts have always been an entertainment genre that the Singaporean public has taken to, with music being arguably one of the most popular options. 

Before seeing their favourite bands or newly discovered artists, people are turning to an array of music apps to explore the genre further and unearth a few gems along the way. The options are comprehensive in today’s modern world, too, as people use their smartphone devices for a wide range of functionalities. Alongside updating Instagram pages and playing creations like the Mega Dragon slot game, people are listening to music on their miniature devices. Many of the apps we can access can be downloaded within a matter of seconds, they are easy to grasp, and they serve up thousands of tracks from musicians all around the world. 

Whatever the genre, be it classical music or hip hop, these types of platforms offer an extensive selection of material. If you’re keen to discover some new music ahead of your next live show in Singapore, here is a look at some of the best apps for your smartphone right now. 

YouTube Music

Most up and coming artists tend to create videos or upload their latest creations onto YouTube, which is where apps like YouTube Music really come in handy. A one-of-a-kind platform boasting an array of material from the likes of albums to remixes, you can also sample live performances before seeing an artists in the flesh, perhaps at venue near you. A well polished and easy to use app, YouTube Music is an excellent option.


The home of unsigned musicians, Soundcloud is a popular platform which has been around for a while now. With the option of discovering local music to world-class artists, Soundcloud covers almost every genre possible and champions music-makers with potential. You can even upload music on the platform yourself and gain feedback from the app’s community of users. Soundcloud also boasts DJ sets, remixes, and freestyles. 


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An emerging music app, Deezer is essentially like a mixture of both Soundcloud and popular streaming services like Spotify. With new music and established names, too, the app tailors its recommendations to your music tastes and enables you to uncover some new tunes in the process. On every track, lyrics are also included so you can learn the words ahead of seeing the song performed live in a local venue. Another great thing with Deezer is that users can also import MP3s and playlists into the platform, giving high-quality audio as a result. 


Poweramp is regarded as the best android music player around right now, and it’s easy to see why. The app gives users access to more than just listening to music. In fact, using Poweramp, you can adjust the audio settings using its graphic equaliser tools and experience your favourite music in an enhanced audio experience. Keen to add some reverb or partake in some mono mixing, perhaps? Poweramp has you covered with its huge array of tools. 


We couldn’t really leave Spotify off the list, could we? The biggest music app on the planet although not necessarily the best, Spotify does host a massive selection of music but discovering new artists can be a challenge as the app tends to recommend commercial music. Still, with the sheer amount of material on there you can still unearth a number of gems from all genres.

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