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eSports: Team Tempest from Taiwan emerge as champions of VALORANT SEA Invitational

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 3.14.37 PM

Over the past weekend, the VALORANT SEA Invitational successfully concluded, which saw 6 teams battle it out for a US $10,000 total prize pool.

Team Tempest from Taiwan, emerged as the victors of the showmatch, winning a total of US$3,200. Each Team Tempest member will also be receiving a customised rig powered by Intel 10th Gen Gaming CPUs (Core i7-10700K).

Team Tempest, consisting of Hehe, Crazyface, Xargon, KMoMo and Zonda, defeated Thailand’s Team Titanium in the finals for a match score of 2-0. As finalists, Team Titanium received a total of US$2,000 in prize money, while Teams Spectre, Marshal, Panorama and Incinerate each walked away with a total of US$1,200.

The full stream is available for viewing on Facebook here.

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