Preview: Entr’Acte (Digital) Arts Festival by Republic Polytechnic’s School of Technology for the Arts

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Celebrating theatre, visual arts and music, Republic Polytechnic’s School of Technology for the Arts’s inaugural is hosting the very first Entr’acte Arts Festival this July and August!

Completely free to attend, the student-managed festival follows the theme of “a break between the acts”, taking inspiration from the moment of pause felt from the current COVID-19 pandemic. Looking at this period as a transition and moment to slow down the pace of life for reflection, the festival hopes that audiences will take a break, but also remain inspired by and stay engaged with various forms of art.

The festival features a total of 7 projects, run by 13 Final Year Project student teams, working with 6 industry partners, with students responsible for the marketing and design and construction of each project. Audiences can look forward to an array of content and activities, including behind-the-scenes features, giveaways and live talkback sessions with the Final Year Project students, alongside games to make full use of the digital medium.

Highlights from the Entr’acte Arts Festival lineup include a webinar on how the arts can heal mental health, in collaboration with CausewayEXchange; along with a virtual art exhibition by artist Boo Kai Ni with 15 paintings detailing 15 different kinds of congenital heart conditions, aimed to educate the public about the various heart conditions, and the social and emotional challenges faced by individuals with such conditions. Nam Hwa Music Ensemble, Nam Hwa Opera Limited’s in-house Teochew music ensemble, will be sharing more about Chinese musical instruments, while Riley’s Rain, a multisensory performance for audiences with sensory sensitivities and/or social, cognitive and physical challenges, with the aim of promoting arts accessibility.

With the KidsSTOP STEAM Festival, Science Centre Singapore hopes to educate parents and early childhood professionals on innovative ways to engage and sustain children’s attention. For this project, FYP students created a sensorial trail that focused on marine conservation. With Son et Lumiere, get ready for a light and multimedia show that highlights the impact of climate change and how we can help reduce the harmful effects of global warming. Finally, light installation i Light aims to educate audiences on the effects of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, and how to overcome them.

Join in the Entr’acte (Digital) Arts Festival, and see what RP’s students are capable of, with these unique projects aiming to better the world, one art project at a time.

Entr’acte (Digital) Arts Festival runs from 12th July to 14th August 2020. For more information, visit their Facebook or Instagram

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