Jack Neo searches for next big star with cross-country talent competition Show Off Show 放马过来

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In this crowded entertainment industry, it takes a special kind of person to stand out. For CEO of media company Asia Momentum Media (AMM) and ‘jack of all trades’ Jack Neo, that person is someone who comes with a variety of talents, can handle themselves on camera, and essentially, is a bonafide independent artist and content creator who knows how to get the views.

And that’s precisely why AMM is set to bring these talents to the fore with the launch of brand new talent competition Show Off Show (放马过来). At an online press conference for the show held earlier this week, AMM revealed their slate of judges, the competition criteria, and some of the attractive prizes participants stood to win. Passionate about grooming new talents to help kick-start their career in the ever-changing entertainment landscape that increasingly demands any artiste to be all-rounder, including carving their own niche within the digital sphere, Neo said “I am excited to start this virtual journey with my team in search for the next big star. The show will provide a new space for every passionate and talented individual from Singapore and Malaysia to showcase their talent and versatility to a wider pool of audiences across boundaries”.

With the press conference hosted by Irene Ang in both English and Mandarin, Show Off Show emphasised how it wasn’t just a monolingual competition, but open to diverse contestants from all backgrounds, regardless of race or language (though of course, being proficient in more than one language gives you an edge). To participate, all contestants have to do is submit a 30 second video of themselves that shows off their talents in their best light, before judges commence shortlisting their favourites.

The judging panel comprises of influencers and content creators from Singapore and Malaysia, namely – Michiyo Ho, Irene Ang, Amber Chia, Dee Kosh, Melissa Thng, Kumar, Tosh Zhang, Ben Logan, Wang Lei, Noah Yap, Gurmit Singh, as well as Jack Neo himself, among others. Says local YouTuber and DJ Dee Kosh: “Anyone can be a star, but I’m looking for someone who can produce relatable, entertaining content. It’s important to educate yourself about the topics you wish to tackle, and all about informing yourself.” 

For Malaysian influencer Michiyo Ho, she explains: “It’s about believing in yourself and having the confidence to showcase all of your talents, while also being willing to learn and grow along the way. Like how originally, I was just a pretty face, but over time, learnt how to sing, act and even do comedy to expand my skillset.”

Through a ten-week programme, contestants will be taking on tasks posed by host, as well as renowned judges during the weekly live streams that aim to challenge their ability to think on their feet and out of the box. Selected contestants will also get to attend masterclasses conducted by veteran actors and digital entertainment experts like Jack Neo and Andie Chen to gain more knowledge, skills and insights to the digital entertainment world. The top 50 contestants will all receive contracts with AMM, before the shortlist continues to get whittled down, until the top 8 and most popular contestant emerge to receive prizes with a total value of SGD198,000. On what the panel was looking for, Jack Neo explained: “We’re looking for someone with the X Factor, who can sing, dance, act, host and live-stream effectively. Essentially, we’re looking for someone with the potential to become an all-rounder, with the help of our team’s mentorship and grooming.”

“It’s more important than ever to be multitalented and be able to adapt to any medium with your suite of skills, where a celebrity cant just be someone who looks good, but must also be able to make their own videos and be self-reliant,” he adds. “Look at people like Wang Lei, who’s managed to end up becoming a fish seller online during these times! The role of an artist has evolved since the old days, and it’s really about finding people who are representative of the modern times and know how to sell themselves. Don’t worry if there’s things you can’t do – so long as you have at least one or two aspects you can excel in, by all means submit your video. The rest, that’s for us to help you dig up and discover over the course of the competition.”

In the future, once the contest is concluded, AMM is set to turn each of them into superstars, with opportunities to star in webseries, television shows, films and represent various brands. “The competition really started as a means for AMM to assemble its own team of stars we could groom for the content we were going to produce in future,” says Jack Neo. “The shows we want to create will have a diverse appeal, not just for oldies or younger people but for everyone. Our judging panel is fantastic, all of whom are well-known in their fields with plenty of followers, and I’m very sure that much we’ll be able to eke out plenty of talents from the contest, and establish a new line-up of stars for the future.”

In conjunction with the talent search, AMM will also be launching a live entertainment app in near future, which will bring all the entertainment and interactivity of the live shows together.

Show Off Show is accepting entries from 15th July to 2nd August 2020. Find out how to participate on their website here

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