European Union’s Higher Education Fair Study In Europe Goes Digital In 2020

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Study in Europe, Singapore’s leading European higher education fair organised by the European Union (EU) Delegation to Singapore, presents its first fully digital edition on Saturday, 26th September 2020. Going digital sees an all-time high participation. 20 European countries and over 140 universities are participating. Together, they will present the many diverse study programmes and opportunities on offer throughout Europe on one digital platform.

Says Barbara Plinkert, European Union Ambassador to Singapore: “The 14th edition of Study In Europe Fair takes place during an exceptional period in our history as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone globally. Given this situation, we at the EU in Singapore have re-positioned our key public diplomacy initiatives. Moving Study In Europe to a fully digital platform is not just the only option for us this year, it also underscores the EU’s continued commitment to higher education in these unprecedented times.”

Ambassador Plinkert adds: “Ensuring that this much-awaited initiative about education opportunities for Singapore students in Europe continues despite the current challenging circumstances signals our commitment to our relationship with Singapore. This fair is key in deepening and strengthening our excellent bilateral ties through education.”

The 20 European countries represented at the fair are: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. They bring together over 140 universities on one digital platform. The fair connects undergraduate and post-graduate students in Singapore with universities from these countries, providing them access to information about education institutions, the application process, student life, details of various bond-free scholarships and highlights the many universities where courses are conducted in English.

At the first digital edition of Study In Europe, students will be able to participate in live chats and webinar sessions with education counsellors from the participating European countries as well as university representatives to learn more about study options available to them in Europe. Through the day, there will be over 30 live Webinar sessions conducted by education counsellors and university representatives covering topics such as living in Europe and adapting to European cultures, the university application process, the overview of specific university courses to acquiring global skills through travel and study abroad. Beyond these activities, the ‘Booking’ feature of the website allows students to continue their conversation by booking appointments at a future date with education counsellors.

2020 also marks the 33rd year of EU’s flagship student mobility programme Erasmus+, which enables university students to study or intern in another country. Erasmus+ opens up more opportunities for youth to truly experience Europe. It offers a great chance for students to broaden their horizons while exploring new cultures and gaining new perspectives.

A special Webinar panel discussion titled Erasmus: Experiences and Opportuni3es, Co-opera3on and Cross-Border Collabora3on in Higher Educa3on will see the participation of Ambassador Plinkert together with Adrian Veale, Policy Officer at the European Commission and Singaporean Erasmus Alumni Royce Woo. The panel will be moderated by Isabella Pirolo, EU in Singapore’s International Policy Officer, who is an Erasmus Alumni.

Erasmus+ funding includes support for education and training of staff, youth workers, and partnerships between universities, colleges, schools, enterprises, and not-for-profit organizations. To date, more than 850,000 students benefited from Erasmus + and every year the number of people keeps increasing. Since 2004 when it was opened to non-Europeans, Erasmus has benefited students internationally providing them with the opportunity to study or work across Europe.

Study in Europe 2020 takes place online on Saturday, 26th September 2020 from 10am-6pm. Admission is free. For more information, visit their website here, and register here

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