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Television Time: National Geographic presents first-ever Planet Possible Day this Sunday

National Geographic Asia has come together with regional National Geographic Explorers, changemakers, and performers to launch the first-ever Planet Possible Day to inform, inspire and enable viewers to live more lightly on the planet. 

Planet Possible Day is a live virtual event taking place on 24th October, hosted on National Geographic Asia’s Facebook page at 6PM (SGT). The programme brings together a cast of well-known personalities to drive awareness on four topics: Frontlines of Climate Change, The Future of Food, Arts and Resilience, and Choices in an Urban Setting.

“We are at a defining moment in time where we can still choose the world we want to live in. The potential and opportunities are there to create a planet that is more sustainable and resilient for future generations,” said Planet Possible host Melati Wijsen.

“National Geographic Asia’s inaugural Planet Possible Day brings together relevant, engaging and inspiring stories to our audiences in Asia. We don’t just want a call for change – we want to inspire sustainability efforts and share tangible steps consumers can take in their everyday lives,” said Planet Possible cast member Gab Mejia.

The cast includes award-winning chef and restaurateur Gaggan Anand (Thailand), designer Chitra Subyakto (Indonesia), actor/host Paul Foster (Singapore), actor/singer /host Antoinette Taus (Philippines), marine and historical ecologist Dr Jon Cybulski (Hong Kong), documentary photographer Hannah Reyes Morales (Philippines), climatologist Dr Intan Suci Nurhati (Indonesia), and conservation storyteller Gab Mejia (Philippines), who will talk about their work and mission to make the planet a better place.

Viewers will have the chance to catch new performances related to the topics by popular singer-songwriters Inch Chua (Singapore) and Moira Dela Torre (Philippines), as well as band Ben & Ben (Philippines).

The programme’s hosts, multimedia storyteller Lillygol Sedaghat (USA) and founder of YOUTHTOPIA and Bye Bye Plastic Bags Melati Wijsen (Indonesia), will take live audiences through four key topics that aim to empower consumers in Asia to increase their green footprint through everyday choices:

Frontlines of Climate Change

Who are the communities on the frontlines of climate change, and how are they surviving and thriving? National Geographic Explorer and conservation storyteller Gab Mejia (Philippines) teams up with actor/singer/host Antoinette Taus (Philippines) to get real about red-tagging in the Philippines, the hope to be found in rising activism, and the power of every individual’s voice. 

The Future of Food

What is the state of food sustainability in Asia today, and what changes are on the horizon? National Geographic Explorer and ​​marine ecologist Jon Cybulski (Hong Kong) joins forces with celebrity chef Gaggan Anand (Thailand) to deep dive into misinformation around food sustainability, the importance of sustainable food sources, and how consumers can make a change through their daily food choices.

Arts and Resilience

How can the Arts play a role in shaping our society toward a sustainable future? Join National Geographic Explorer and documentary photographer Hannah Reyes Morales (Philippines) and fashion designer Chitra Subyakto (Indonesia) in an eye-opening discussion about their artistic drive, the value of art in combating climate change, and the role that everyone plays in conservation efforts.

Choices In An Urban Setting

Our daily habits add up – so how can we make sure they add up for the good of our planet? National Geographic Explorer and Climatologist Intan Suci Nurhati (Indonesia) comes together with actor/host Paul Foster (Singapore) to discuss the destructive force of excessive online shopping and plastic consumption, and the multitude of choices we actively make every day to save the earth.

Planet Possible Day takes place on 24th October, hosted on National Geographic Asia’s Facebook page at 6PM (SGT).

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