7 Things to Stop Doing at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

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Coffee shops are a part of the morning routine of most people. Thus, you end up spending some face-to-face time with your barista. Every morning, for baristas, it is a time to sort out their customers through the rush and keep the line moving and coffee flowing. So, avoid any annoying behaviors to keep your barista and other customers happy. Some things can interfere as you place your order, or it is an annoying habit you have. Here are things your barista wished you would not do.  

  1. Watch their every move

Everyone needs space to work or do what they do best. Baristas are no different. As they create your latte or froth the milk, do not stand at the counter just staring at their every move. Not only is this creepy, but it is distracting the barista from the task at hand. The cold brew is the best type of coffee  you can have for a change. But, even after you order it, do not watch their every move to see if they are making it correctly, this is a bad habit to have. 

  1. Forget to check the name
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Sometimes you may think the name you hear is yours, but it is not. Thus, always read the name on the food or coffee order. Taking someone’s drink or asking the barista whose coffee it is, is annoying for the customer whose drink you took and the barista. Always double-check to be sure. Since most people are in a hurry, people often make this mistake. 

  1. Order while on your phone 
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As you wait for your turn in line, it is okay to scroll through the phone. But when your turn to order arrives, give your barista your full attention. Looking at your screen is rude, and it slows down the whole process. First, you are not audible enough, and you might miss a question from your barista. 

  1. Ask for extras

If you want extras, it is best to ask for it as you order. Some people put their baristas in an awkward position to add an upcharge to your drink after your payment. However, it is possible to forget to modify your favorite drink as you place your order. But constantly asking for upcharges like extra syrups, espresso shots, or alternative kinds of milk such as coconut or soy is a no-no at the end of the bar.

  1. Help yourself 
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It is vital to respect the baristas’ workplace. Behind the counter is a no-go zone for any customer. It is the baristas’ station. Therefore, avoid reaching over to take some straws, refill water cups, lids, and other things. Helping yourself can infect the area with germs and could alter their supplies. Ask the baristas for help, and they are happy to assist you. 

  1. Overcomplicate things 

During the morning rush hours, the baristas and customers want things to move fast. Thus, having to order or suggest a complicated drink to fellow customers annoys the baristas, for most customers tend to try the new kind. It is best to stick to your order, and others will stick to theirs, and everything runs smoothly. Also, do not suggest to other customers something different, forcing them to start changing their order. 

  1. Forget to pick up after yourself 
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If your local coffee shop has a bussing station, it is best for you as the customer to clear up after you finish with your coffee and snack. It is fast and simple. And you help your barista by keeping the table clean for the next customer. Take the extra minute and clean up the trash and dishes. Your barista will be grateful.

In conclusion, keep the above in mind to have a smooth and easy time at your next coffee shop. Also, you can learn from other people’s annoying habits, and by practicing good habits, others learn as well. For instance, if you clean up after yourself. The person next to you will likely follow suit as it seems the best thing to do. Notably, avoid ignoring your barista, playing dj, or expecting the staff to babysit your kids when you go with them.  

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