The impact Evolution Gaming had on live casino 

The idea to create a live casino had been floating around since 1998, just two years after the first online casino was launched. Technology, however, was not advanced enough to sustain this idea, but developers knew they had found a gap on the market for something big. Between 2006-2007, just before the launch of the very first smartphones, the first live casino games were launched. They were far from perfect, but as technology was improving, so were they. By 2012, all major software providers were shifting towards a more efficient way to use technology, with developments allowing players to access online casinos from their mobile device, not just their computer. 

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006, and revolutionised the European live dealer platform. They figured out the formula for a smooth live dealer casino experience, and won their first awards by 2010. This led them to sign agreements with some big online casinos. When mobile gaming launched in 2012, they were able to open their 100th live table, making Evolution the largest single-site casino operation in Europe. From 2013-2017, they opened a new studio each year. 

2017 saw Evolution debut their first live game show: Dream Catcher, and no other developer could match the power they had over the live casino world. Now, the fantastic games developed by Evolution are available on every popular casino website, as they continue to dominate the industry. If you’ve ever played a ‘Lightning’ version of your favourite casino game, the chances are, it was developed by the iconic company. 

‘Lightning’ games 

As mentioned above, Evolution Gaming is mainly responsible for the Lightning versions of the live dealer games we often see today. But what makes these games so special? 

An example of a Lightning game, is Lightning Roulette. On top of this being a live dealer game, Evolution Gaming have developed the classic table game to offer some extra electrifying thrills. The wheel follows the same format as a traditional European Roulette layout, with 37 numbers, including a single zero pocket. The game has the exciting addition of lucky numbers, where a random selection of lightning multipliers will be generated, providing you with potential additional payouts of up to 500x your bet! These numbers will appear after each player has placed their bets, and anything from one to five lucky numbers can feature in a single game. Lightning Roulette also offers unique ways to bet, on top of the traditional ways to create a wager, to help you boost your bankroll at the speed of light! 

Lightning games tend to offer even bigger payouts than the classic table game typically would and on top of this, the games include more special features, live gameplay, fast-paced thrills and a unique spin on the games we know and love. 

Other live casino developers

Of course, there are plenty of other live casino developers on the market, who each have created masterful games that can immerse players into the world of online casino in a way that could only be imagined a mere 20 years ago. It’s safe to say that Evolution is at the top of the list, as one of the biggest, most successful live casino game developers. 

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