Somewhere In Time – A Walking Tour Like No Other by The Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore) and Theatre Today

Typical tours simply feature a single tour guide, and a group of tourists following obediently after. As a result, the level of interactivity becomes limited, and can feel very on-directional. But this year, that’s about to change, as The Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore) and Theatre Today present Somewhere In Time – A Walking Tour Like No Other.

As an original interactive walking tour, tour group members are instead enrolled as ‘errand runners’ for the duration of the tour, as they traipse across Tanjong Pagar and learn about its rich and vibrant history and present day status. Led by a modern-day Tour Guide and joined by a mystery guest, the 2-hour tour will have tourists retracing the paths that our pioneers have taken to strive for a healthy and better tomorrow, in one of Singapore’s first conservation areas.

The tour begins at the iconic Maxwell Food Centre, before moving on to other historic sites and conserved buildings. From an old colonial building just across the road with some surprising secrets, to taking a closer look at intricate designs and discovering what values our ancestors held dear and passed down to the next generation, and even finding out about the living conditions of residents here eighty years ago, expect to hear plenty of stories while completing various tasks on this quest to reconnect with our pioneers, and celebrate their resilience and resourcefulness.

Somewhere in Time is directed by theatremaker Jeffrey Tan (Theatre Today), with a script written by Tricia Lui, and features the talents of Ayob Begai, Catherine Ross, Chan Choon Seng, Just Ng, Lora Lee, Thomas Lim and Tricia Lui. The project is supported by the STB-NAC Performing Arts Tours Pilot Grant, an initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board and national Arts Council to encourage the development and test-bedding of innovative performing arts tours by tour operators and arts practitioners.

Now, get ready to uncover the stories and sites of historic Tanjong Pagar, and discover the various food, goods, and services of Tanjong Pagar like never before!

Somewhere In Time – A Walking Tour Like No Other runs on Saturdays from 930am-1130am, and 3pm-5pm, is available to book here, or email or call +65 90606930

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