Chingay50 celebrates five decades of the ‘People’s Parade’

Returning to delight audiences after its inaugural digital version in 2021, the 2022 annual Chingay showcase (Chingay50) continues to harness the power of technology and community involvement to push the envelope with its 50th edition. Themed ‘Ignite Our Dreams’, Chingay50 will be an exciting multi-dimensional experience airing live online and on social media channels on Saturday, 12 February 2022. Bringing the best of Singapore’s multiculturalism to local audiences and beyond, Chingay50 seeks to engage and invigorate audiences with fresh, innovative presentations of arts, culture and heritage, as well as through a wider range of opportunities for community participation and involvement.

Lim Hock Yu, Chief Executive Director, People’s Association (PA) said, “Starting life as a street performance and float parade, Chingay has evolved through the years, not only in terms of representation and scale but also in terms of presentation format, as we adapt to ever changing norms and operating requirements. As we mark our 50th year, our vision of Chingay as a platform to bring people together to celebrate our unique Singapore identity, remains unchanged. We look forward to exciting our fans – existing and new – with creative ideas as well as innovative concepts to bring forth once again – a reimagined experience in this milestone year.”

With the theme ‘Ignite Our Dreams’, Chingay50 will celebrate the annual affair’s journey from its early days as a street parade till today. At the same time, this milestone showcase calls on Singaporeans to rekindle the passion for our dreams, both big and small, and reminds us to remain forward-looking and resilient, even as we overcome challenging times together as a nation. It is in this spirit that Chingay has innovated over five decades to ensure that Singapore’s rich arts and cultural heritage can be preserved, while providing a platform for residents to pursue their passions, unleash their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

In line with this, Chingay50 will feature performances by local budding talent, including winners of the Dynamic: Diversity (D:2) Dance Competition. From now till 15 December 2021, young dance talents can look forward to setting their dreams in motion, while promoting Singapore’s multi-cultural fabric. Participants, aged 13 to 35 years old, are to fuse inspirations from the diverse local dance cultures with dynamic moves from any dance genre of their choice and submit their videos at

Another community programme where residents can explore their dreams is We’ve Got Talent!. Building on the success of its inaugural run in 2021, the edition in 2022 will have participants competing to become Chingay Community Star 2022, a title that gives them an opportunity to pursue their passion in the arts, while spreading cheer within the wider community. Training and performance opportunities await the Chingay Community Star 2022. And from 15 December 2021, members of the public will be able to vote for the entry they like best at Top 3 audience favourite videos will win attractive prizes.

Together with PAssionArts, Chingay50 will introduce the Chingay50 Mini Floats programme, as a first step towards a Chingay dream for communities to conceptualise, design and build floats for future editions of the parade.

Starting with mini floats being constructed by the residents, grassroots organisations and community partners that will be featured as part of the Chingay50 showcase.          

Chingay50 will also evoke shared memories of the past 50 years through a series of commemorative programmes, such as CHINGAY As You PHOTO It. This initiative aroused collective remembrance by calling on the public to share their photo memories of the annual parade, from the very first parade in 1973 up till its first digital edition in 2021.

Amongst the entries is one from Mdm Ong Choon Mui. The 69-year-old sent in a 1973 photograph of her and her friends performing as ‘bighead dolls’, and fondly remembers the thrill of being part of the very first Chingay. Her photograph will strike a chord with many Singaporeans especially the older generation, some of whom relish the opportunity to reminisce shared memories.

Support from members of public have been encouraging, with more than 1,300 photographs received to date. Each photo has its own story and reflects an aspect of Chingay.

From mid-January 2022, members of the public will be able to access this diverse collection of memories through multiple Chingay50 programmes, including Chingay50 Hall of Frames. The content will provide a glimpse of what the Chingay experience has been like across multiple generations, while piquing interest in this Singapore tradition amongst younger ones. The content will be easily accessible via Chingay’s website ( from mid-January 2022.

Chingay50 takes place on Saturday, 12 February 2022. For more information on Chingay50, visit Chingay Club on Facebook or @ChingaySingapore on Instagram.

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