Reimagining *SCAPE – the New Paradigm of Collaboration and Innovation for the Youth of Tomorrow

A new vibrant youth-centric concept is set to unveil in the heart of the Somerset Belt in early 2024. *SCAPE has announced its plans to rejuvenate its existing development into an exciting space for youth development that appeals to all ages. The new *SCAPE will take a refreshed approach to programming and partnerships, in response to evolving youth trends, while serving as a hub where youth can pilot new ideas, express their creativity and explore their interests in the creative, digital and technology, and sustainability sectors.

Ushering in a fresh and exciting concept, *SCAPE will see a new layout and zoning of its existing spaces to provide more collaborative opportunities. With multi-sectoral strategic partnerships across both the private and public sector to encourage the sharing and exchange of resources, best practices and professional expertise, the new *SCAPE is set to complement the larger Somerset Belt with its refreshed positioning. This contributes to the wider masterplan of revitalising the Somerset Belt into a vibrant district for the dynamic Singapore youth.

Amid the refresh, *SCAPE’s mission and vision remain to engage and nurture youth while empowering them to pursue their dreams. Taking on multiple roles to cater to their diverse interests, the new *SCAPE will be rezoned into three key zones across five levels. This includes the “Sense and Sustainability” zone, which will serve as a place for budding youth entrepreneurs to gather and exchange out-of-the-box ideas; the “Freedom for Expression” zone for the creative youth to express themselves through various forms in the creative economy; and the“My Creative Haven” zone that will be a digital and physical space for Creatives and Content Creators to learn and collaborate.

Through the curated mix of activities to be carried out across the various zones, *SCAPE will serve as the intersection where youth can meet industry experts and engage with their fellow peers. With these vibrant offerings, *SCAPE aims to bring together youths to discover their passions, find their pathways, and hone the skills needed to fulfil their aspirations.

“Since its inception, *SCAPE has played a pivotal role in the Singapore youth community by providing a safe platform for them to pursue their dreams. Despite challenges posed during Covid-19, *SCAPE has engaged more than 260,000 youths through thematic programmes in creative arts, media, esports, entrepreneurship and career development, in addition to engaging and developing over 3,000 youth talents, influencers and leaders over the last two years.

As we embark on this refresh, we aim to remain relevant for the dynamic and empowered youth of today. Our reimagined approach for the new *SCAPE will continue to provide a safe space for creative and enterprising individuals as we build upon our trajectory of nurturing the next generation of young and bright minds,” said Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE.

In addition to the wide range of youth development activities, visitors to *SCAPE can also look forward to a refreshed line-up of retail, entertainment and leisure experiences. More details on these exciting offerings will be revealed closer to date.

Come early 2024, *SCAPE will reopen its doors with a brand-new sense of approach for a refreshing new look. In addition to delivering an enhanced user experience, this integrated entranceway design seeks to promote cross pollination between the various spaces and encourage deeper collaboration. True to its promise to support youth in their creative pursuits, the new *SCAPE will feature improvements in its building and technology infrastructure to facilitate youth in their exploration and experimentation journeys through various learning pathways in both the physical and digital world.

A construction tender has been put out by *SCAPE calling for participation by main contractors. As *SCAPE embarks on its year-long facelift, it will continue to offer its curated series of apex programmes, such as the National Youth Film Awards, Music Day Out! and Creative Fellowship to support youth in harnessing their creativity.

In a recently unveiled partnership with Legion of Racers in April this year, *SCAPE Playspace was also transformed into a 200-metre-long racetrack, allowing members of the public to participate in an all-new experience of electric karting. Titled ‘RaceHub’, this lifestyle activation encompasses various activities including a six-station fitness pop-up offering high intensity fitness training experiences and a Sunday Social Market featuring an array of local brands and crafts, food and music. This exciting partnership is expected to run till the end of Singapore Grand Prix season in October 2022 and exemplifies *SCAPE’s commitment to continually bring in fresh and vibrant experiences with like-minded partners.

*SCAPE has expressed how thrilled they are to embark on this journey and will be looking forward to sharing more information in time to come. The brand also welcomes potential partners to explore collaboration opportunities centred around youth development in the new *SCAPE.

Photos Courtesy of ZARCH

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