Polo Ralph Lauren x Macallan Whiskey 2/10/15


Polo Ralph Lauren teamed up with Macallan Whiskey last Friday to host an exclusive event at their Harrods outlet to teach attendees all about what makes a good suit. The answer? It’s all in the fit.


Attendees of the event got to sample the Macallan Gold whiskey and a special cocktail they like to call the ‘Gold-fashioned’, their own twist on the classic Old-fashioned cocktail, using a mix of lemon, orange, chocolate bitters and Macallan Gold to create a tasty and refined drink. Macallan also invited attendees to taste their rare cask, crafted specially in Spanish oak casks. The rare cask had a delicious smoky scent to it, and was honey like in texture, essentially the modern man’s ambrosia.


Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren did a short presentation on their newest product, a blazer taking inspiration from traditional sailor wear, navy with big gold buttons. Legend has it that the buttons on the blazer were conceived as sailors used to wipe their noses on the sleeve. One particular captain, fed up with this uncouth conduct, implemented buttons on all the blazers, and never again did they commit such foul acts. Attendees of the event were invited to get fitted and discover the perfect blazer.

All in all, the perfect gentlemen’s evening out, with the right balance of good banter, fine whiskey and spiffy clothing.

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