My Experience at Ichiryu


From the brainchild of the people behind ramen joint Shoryu comes an all new dining experience – UDON.

Udon isn’t the usual choice of noodles for most people when thinking of Japanese fare, mostly because ramen tends to have more flavour and more meat (and who doesn’t like meat?) Udon tends to be the ‘healthier option”.


I came by here during the soft launch where everything was 50% off – that means the tempura and the udon! The restaurant itself isn’t very big, it seats probably 40 people or so at the most? It was very clean when we walked in, and the tempura on display looked absolutely tantalizing. To save on manpower, instead of waiters getting your order, you’ll be queuing up to make an order, and then sitting down to wait for it.


I ordered a zaru udon for myself (that’s a cold udon with dipping sauce), as well as prawn, aubergine, courgette and cod tempuras.

The food took a while to arrive, about 15 Minutes, and the portion wasn’t very big. However, the udon itself was pretty tasty, and surprisingly, it filled me up really fast. The tempura on the other hand looked better than it tasted, and I was particularly disappointed with the cod, which was really small for the price. The aubergine was the surprising standout tempura (I love aubergine) and it was really juicy while crispy on the outside – the perfect combination.

The best thing about Ichiryu though? The free flow of tempura bits they put at every table. I was practically shoving bits into my mouth after my meal was over (thankfully nobody said anything).


Definitely come by for a taste of the Udon, and preferably, try a hot one (with soup!). You’ll feel healthy after eating it (assuming you didn’t order tempura) and you’ll now have an alternative to ramen.


Their pau’s actually taste really good. Tried their cha-su one and it surprised me (in a very good way). So if you’re looking for a fresh alternative you can try it to start the meal.

All in all, I would have to say, come here if you really have to cure a craving. Other than that, i would have to say there isn’t really much to shout about. The food is rather expensive for the portion. I will give Ichiryu a 3/5 bakchors.

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