(Preview) The Effect by Pangdemonium Theatre

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The Effect

Pangdemonium is back to kick off their 2016 season with Lucy Prebble’s The Effect. This year, they’re finally doing a theme, and it’s *horrors of horror*: ‘love’. But don’t go thinking it’s going to be your run off the mill series of romantic plays (no Ryan Gosling from ‘The Notebook’ either). The Effect is certainly her to show that Pangdemonium is going to be as edgy and relevant as always.

Starring theatre veterans Adrian Pang and Tan Kheng Hua as doctors, The Effect tells the story of a psychology student (Nikki Muller) and a charming slacker (Linden Furnell) who take part in a new drug trial. The drug causes their initial attraction to each other to explode into something much more intense, and questions about the ethical concerns start to arise. Is it just ‘an effect’? Or is there ‘true love’ behind all of it? And can we grind it all down into a handy dandy pill?

We’ll be catching the final show on 13 March. Stay tuned for our review!
The Effect by Pangdemonium
Victoria Theatre, 9 Empress Place, S179556
Till 13 March 2016
Tickets: SGD $35-65
Available from http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/effect0316


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