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Preview: ART by Singapore Repertory Theatre

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Think that modern art is complete bulls***? Following SIFA’s Everything by My Side, The National Gallery will once again be transformed into an unconventional performance venue for the month of September, and this time, features an extremely appropriate play – Yasmina Reza’s ART, presented by the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

ART is one of those plays that discusses issues that’ve long been lodged in our minds – what is art and how much of modern art really is deep and thought provoking, or pretentious load of crap.

When a man buys an expensive piece of modern art – a white canvas crossed by barely visible lines, his taste is thrown into question and the relationship with his friends under threat. This contemporary comedy about friendship, creativity, art and the complexities of human relationships has become one of the most successful plays ever written, and stars Remesh Panicker, Gerald Chew and Lim Yu Beng.

By staging it at the National Gallery, audience members are set for  a truly unique experience that will really let the art speak for itself more than it ever could. We’re excited for it, and with such a capable cast helmed by SRT, it’s certain to give you a whole new perspective and change how you view art the next time you walk around a gallery.

ART12 118357

From left: Remesh Panicker, director Danny Yeo, Gerald Chew and Lim Yu Beng.

ART plays at the National Gallery from 1 September-1 October. Tickets available from SISTIC

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