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Preview: Eurydice by Couch Theatre


Hot on the heels of New Opera’s Orpheus in the Underworld comes yet another play that will be taking on the Grecian Orpheus myth. Coming to the Drama Centre Black Box this September, Couch Theatre, established in 2013, will be producing their fourth production: Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice.

group-01Cast of Eurydice. From left: Shu Yi Ching; Uday Duggal; Ivan Choong; Natalie Yeap; Jasmine Blundell; Adi Jamaludin; Ejaz Latiff.

Ruhl’s version differs in that she tells the Orpheus myth from the perspective of Eurydice, Orpheus’ unfortunate wife prematurely sent to the underworld on her wedding day. Eurydice’s side of the story involves her meeting her dead father, and embarks on her own journey of navigating grief, loss and love.


Self-described as ‘upbeat and offbeat’, Couch Theatre’s youthful team hopes that their work continues to inspire and serve as a platform for other hopeful local youths. Eurydice promises a humourous and moving experience from one of America’s most exciting new playwrights, and a lesson on how the high cost of living might exceed that of being dead.

Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice plays at the Drama Centre Black Box from 22-25 September. Tickets available from SISTIC



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