Preview: Starring Hitler as Jekyll and Hyde by The Finger Players

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The Finger Players return to the stage this October with Starring Hitler as Jekyll and Hyde. 

Starring Hitler tells the story of the Jewish holocaust from a new perspective, in an allegory to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic The Strange Tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The play mashes up history and fiction, painting a portrait of Jekyll as a young painter by day who turns into anti-Semitic terrorist Hitler at night. As Hitler murders non-natives by the masses, Jekyll too rises in statue and wealth as he coerces the population into building galleries and museums, and commissioning artworks to pay homage to himself. As the body count rises, a police inspector is tasked to uncover the true identity of Hitler and stop his killings.

Written by Chong Tze Chien and first  staged in 2014 to critical acclaim, Starring Hitler as Jekyll and Hyde is a modern parable about the rise and return of fundamentalism and fanaticism in today’s world. Starring a stellar cast consisting Daniel York, Edith Podesta, Jo Kukathas, Lian Sutton, Julius Foo and Joshua Lim, the play continues to resonate with its universal themes of xenophobia and unabated tensions surrounding transmigration all over the world.


Starring Hitler as Jekyll and Hyde plays from 13-15 October at Victoria Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC


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