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Preview: twentythirty by DramaBox


By 2030, there will be 6.9 million people in Singapore. How will it affect you?
Similar to International Friendship Day, the Singapore Kindness Movement is once again collaborating with a theatre company to produce a new play about our increasingly diverse population, with classmates, neighbors and people on the street from all over the world.
Taking on a forum theatre style aimed at teens, the show will feature audience participation and raise questions about other-ing foreigners in Singapore and revealing their own internalized prejudices, and to learn how one can accept differences and embrace diversity for a better future.
We enjoyed International Friendship Day very much, and twentythirty looks to be in a similar vein. If you know anyone who’s a little on the xenophobic side, then direct them over to this play – it might just change their point of view!

twentythirty plays at SCAPE from 26-28 October. Tickets available here

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