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Preview: Mrs K (SGIFF 2016)


In 2009, Malaysian New Wave director Ho Yuhang teamed up with Hong Kong actress Kara Wai to create At the End the Daybreak, which brought Wai’s action heroine career back to life. Now,they’re back with Mrs K , an action film set in Southeast Asia that explores its diversity and culture while also being a kickass movie.

Kara Wai stars as the titular Mrs K, an upper middle class housewife living peacefully in a landed house in Malaysia with her husband and daughter. This peace doesn’t last though, and an unexpected guest arrives to wreak havoc on her life, including a kidnapping and taking down her old acquaintances (played by a medley of directors, including Fruit Chan, Dain Iskander Said, Kirk Wong Chi Keung and martial arts legend Lau Wing). Mrs K is forced back to her old life in order to protect her family, and escalates into a flurry of kicks, punches, and overal, a sharp action movie.

Mrs K sees the fusion of Hollwood and Italian Western films with Wuxia epics, bringing the pugilistic universe to the modern city setting of Malaysia. Stay tuned for some amazing gun and fistfighting, as the story of one family’s fight for survival gets elevated to mythic proportions, in this timeless tale of vengeance and redemption.

Mrs K plays on 27 November at the Capitol Theatre. Tickets available here

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