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Affordable Art Fair November 2016: An Arty-licious Evening


Affordable Art Fair is back again this year to bring art to the masses. Even if you’re not the art buying type, there’s still plenty to see here, with a great collection of artists from all over.

AAF isn’t just about selling art though, it’s also concerned with charity. This edition sees an installation by Yen Phang, titled The Ocean’s Mind, which aims to dispel the myths and stigma associated with mental illness, and start a dialogue and increase acceptance in society. Half of the proceeds of his art sold will be donated to the Woodbridge Hospital Charity Fund, and Yen will be talking about the effects of depression in the arts.


Yen Phang himself suffered from depression and anxiety for many years but hopes and believes that even in his darkest days, his work will bring light to others. For him, the ocean represents depression; it’s vast and at times can appear to be endless, breathtakingly dangerous and magical, but with care, can be crossed and navigated to safer shores. For each new location the installation travels to, Yen makes a new adaptation of The Ocean’s Mind, constantly shifting and reflecting his state of mind as it settles into each new venue.

The AAF also sees the introduction of The Peranakan Heritage Wall by Rasha Eleyan. The project aims to celebrate Peranakan and Singaporean culture as a whole, and to respect the customs and cultures that define us as a nation.


The Peranakan Heritage Wall was first conceived by Rasha as part of her discovery of the historical areas of Singapore. As more and more buildings fell victim to modernization, Rasha sought to reinvent and focus on this part of history thus bringing back a new lease of life to Peranakan art. Rasha, who hails from Dubai but is currenty living and working in Singapore, will also be conducting free workshops on Peranakan art during the fair.


Coincidentally, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore celebrates its 15th Anniversary with the Affordable Art Fair this year. Apart from celebrating such a milestone, they’ll be continuing the great work they’re doing on their Bazaar Academy to bring in and nurture new fashion writers and creatives on their student internship programme. Harper’s Bazaar aims to continue being readable and viable in the competitive market of fashion magazines through their strong team, great contacts, and staying ahead as opinion leaders. They’re also working on a project with Asia’s Next Top Model, but no reveals yet, so stay tuned for more information.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-19 at 22.43.08.jpeg

The Affordable Art Fair unfortunately, only lasts the weekend. If you have time, do come down to check it out on this final day in order to get a look at some of the great art on sale, and maybe even take home something exciting for your living room!

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Affordable Art Fair will be at the F1 Pit Building from 18-20 November. For more information, check out the website here

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