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Hello Hokkaido Fair @ RWS Singapore

Come on down to to Hello Hokkaido! Fair this weekend! Celebrating all of Hokkaido culture, expect to see many food stalls, a sake bar, tasty desserts and even traditional art, with lots of lavender products available.

We were particularly intrigued by two stalls when we visited on Saturday. Firstly, there’s Esashi Trading, seafood specialists (They actually have their own boat, and all the seafood they sold were actually caught themselves) who were selling some of the tastiest and freshest crab meat we’ve had in ages!

The secret to preparing it? They first boil it, then freeze it in water, ensuring the maximum freshness, also maintaining the quality and sweetness of the meat. Oishi!

What i admire the most is the passion these guys have, they so much pride in their food and produce, even the shop owner was preparing the food personally! We definitely hope to see more of him in Singapore, as this is the perfect way to show off Hokkaido’s wonderful produce.

We also checked out Ninjamen, an innovative ramen brand that aims to make ramen affordable and quick.

Their product is known as Hokkaido Smart Ramen, and comes prepackaged with a shelf life of one month.

This was invented when the owner wanted to start providing ramen more quickly and efficiently to everyone. All you have to do is microwave it for 100 seconds, and voila! You’ll have a piping hot bowl of tasty ramen waiting for you! (You can see the process in the video below)

He actually  came down to Isetan at Scotts Road 4 years ago, and it was really popular. And 2 years ago, when he was in Taiwan for an event, he managed to sell 100,000 bowls of this ramen in just 3 weeks! Don’t believe how good it is? You have to come down and try it yourself. You can get yours at just $6 apiece. What a bargain!

Speaking to Horiuchi Kazuhiro, Managing Director of the Hokkaido Government Representative Office Registered In Office Covering ASEAN Countries, this year happens to mark 50 years of good relations between Singapore and Japan, and the various Hello Hokkaido! Fair performances are representative of that. On why Singaporeans should visit Hokkaido, Mr Kazuhiro responded: “Singaporeans should visit Hokkaido for its unique charm and beauty. Hopefully,that can be seen in this event!”

We agree wholeheartedly with Mr Kazuhiro. With December coming right up, expect Hokkaido to take on a whole new look covered in snow. Thinking of travelling now? Don’t fret – there’s also various travel packages available to check out at the fair.

With so many exciting events and unique products available at the fair, don’t miss out on the inaugural Hello Hokkaido! Fair this weekend!

Hello Hokkaido! Fair is on till  27 November, 11am-10pm at the Resorts World Convention Centre.

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