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[Preview] VAULT Festival 2017: Previews 15-19 Feb (Part 2)


Here’s part 2 of our picks of the week for the 4th exciting week of the biggest arts festival in London! This time around, we have unusual burlesque, naughty puppets and an immersive, electronic experience.

House of Burlesque 2.0 by The ProducersUK and Tempest Rose for House of Burlesque


One of the hottest burlesque acts comes to town this week for a night of the most glamorous and subversive of cabaret acts. Utilising technology and armed with a visionary aesthetic confronting today’s big issues – House of Burlesque 2.0 breathes life into the art form once again while making sure it remains entertaining, sassy and urgent. These are crazy times we’re living in, so it’s time to have some fun while we put the world to rights.

House of Burlesque 2.0 plays at Brick Hall (The Vaults) from 15-19 Feb. Tickets available here. They’ll also be hosting a late night event on 17 & 18 Feb, with separate tickets available here 

Blood & Bone by Cicada Studios


Sesame Street meets Pixar meets dark, adult humour in this play about strange puppets, presented by Cicada Studios. In an abandoned greenhouse Ash, a heroic fern, Clover, a flower on the edge of bloom and Braxlin, a sturdy hedge, will have to battle their way to the front garden to avoid the most horrifying fate of all – being mulched to make space for a nifty new Hot Tub.

Together, the three green friends will unite against the perils of the garden, from Narcoleptic Sunflowers to Donald Stump on their path to freedom. But their escape is jeopardised when they encounter the busty Rose, can they fight their own urges? Blood & Bone combines puppetry, puns and poor taste to guarantee you’ll soil yourself silly. After all: Life’s a prick.

Blood & Bone plays at the Studio (The Vaults) from 15-19 Feb. Tickets available here

ANDRODES by SARTORYhelen-sartory-androdes-supporting-image-04

ANDRODES features electronic music artist SARTORY performing live and transporting the audience to a world of robots, alien landscapes and take them on an audio-visual journey that combines projected 3D visuals with electronic music to tell the story of an android called ANI.

Touching on themes of artificial intelligence, identity and design through the eyes of ANI, an android who becomes conscious through a manufacturing error and explores her world in search of her true purpose, ANDRODES will be a unique immersive electronic music experience like no other. Dancing is encouraged and absolutely still a thing in the technologically advanced future.

ANDRODES plays at the Cavern (The Vaults) from 15-19 Feb. Tickets available here

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