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Preview: Fight For Hope – Singapore Kickboxing Nationals

Fight For Hope - Singapore Kickboxing Nationals.jpg
The Singapore Fighting Championship’s (SFC) first event of the year, Fight For Hope – The Singapore Kickboxing Nationals will take place on 25 February 2017, in collaboration with Trifecta Martial Arts.
The event is sanctioned by the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO), and searches for Singapore’s top kickboxers to join the National Kickboxing Team. One of the highlights of the night will include bouts by WAKO’s national kickboxer, Terrence ‘The Terminator’ Teo who has three titles under his belts including the recent Johor’s Open Muay Thai Championship, along with Nabilah Razak from Trifecta, Murugan Silvarajoo from Muayfit and Taufiq from Spartans.
Comprising nine electrifying kickboxing matches with the very best from across the island, audiences will be stunned and impressed at the potential to see Singapore’s next great kickboxers in action, all in the span of one rip-roaring event.
Tickets for Fight For Hope available from the SFC Facebook and will take place at 100 Turf Club Road on 25 February. All profits from ticket sales will be donated to the Children’s Wishing Well in support of the Kids Excel Program. 

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