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Review: The Art of The Brick – DC Superheroes

Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Please Credit Dominic Loneragan.
Artist Nathan Sawaya, pictured beside the Batmobile

Love Lego? Love DC comics? Then you’ll absolutely love The Art of The Brick: DC Super Heroes. Famous brick-artist Nathan Sawaya returns to his craft with an all new show that makes its way to London’s South Bank, following a hugely successful run in Madrid and nicely coincides with the release of the recent Lego Batman Movie.

In DC Super Heroes, Sawaya takes inspiration from DC Comics’ 80-year history and creates over 120 works of art celebrating the comic house’s best loved superheroes and villains, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Harley Quinn and more! The creations are housed in a series of immersive galleries designed for the pieces, and range from vehicles, to abstract interpretations of the characters, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses, transformations and reinvention.

Merging pop art with surrealism with some of the most recognizable franchises to date, the ex-corporate lawyer Sawaya truly shows off his incredible imagination and building skills in this awe-inspiring exhibition. We’ve picked some of our favourite pieces from our visit to look out for, but there’s plenty more where that came from, so be sure to come on down and check it out for yourself in person!


Greeting visitors at the very entrance is this creepy, yet cheeky sculpture of Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker as he dons 3D-glasses and grabs a fistful of popcorn. There’s a spare seat beside him you can sit in as well to enjoy the show with, but we’re not sure he’d be your first choice for a movie date!

Sawaya recreates the iconic first issue of Action Comics featuring Superman lifting a car, the first step of many towards DC’s future illustrious 80-year career brought to glorious three dimensional life.


With Wonder Woman soon to return to the big screen in her own film starring Gal Gadot, Sawaya offers a different interpretation of the Amazonian warrior, using elements of surrealism and cubism to present her in quite a different but nonetheless, memorable image. Elsewhere in the exhibition, he manages to tastefully construct her invisible jet and a beautiful Lego dress donned by Diana herself, with a picture of her face on it. Wonder Woman-ception!


In one of his cheekier works, Sawaya places Aquaman in a domestic moment of pure bliss – enjoying a bath with his beloved rubber ducky. The real question is, why is he still wearing his suit?

The Dark Knight is dressed in something not quite so dark in this work, which recreates Detective Comics No. 27 on Batman’s cape, extending all the way to his cowl. One wonders what’s going on in his head, his back turned to the viewer. One thing’s for certain though: Bruce Wayne sure knows how to make a bold statement!

DC’s Art of The Brick runs from 1 March daily at a specially constructed space on London’s South Bank at the Doon Street Car Park, Upper Ground, London SE1 2PP. For tickets and more information, visit Art of The Brick DC


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